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Have a lovely summer break! Back to school on Wednesday 6th September :)







Mrs Beach - class teacher



 Miss Fox (Teaching Assistant)




Mrs Martin (Teaching Assistant)


We are 'OTTERLY' Awesome!

Our Summer term topics are...

What do plants need to grow?


What can you see in the woods?




To begin our first topic we will be visiting B&Q and then planting the seeds we buy and watching them grow. We will watch caterpillars change into butterflies and hatch ducklings in our incubator. We will then finish this half term by thinking about healthy and unhealthy foods.                                                      

In the second half term we will sharing three stories ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Gruffalo’ and finishing with a trip to Sherwood Pines to follow the Gruffalo trail.                                                                                                                          





Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.   


Communication and Language.

This term we will be talking about the life cycle of plants and animals and then sharing stories set in the woods. We will talk about things we know and will share our experiences with others. We will be recording our ideas and will share our ideas with others.


Physical Development.

We will use lots of resources to improve our fine motor control: such as cutting, threading, using tweezers and using malleable materials. We will use our outside area and will think about how to be safe when we are playing. We will use the hall to take part in dance, gymnastics and to use small apparatus. We will also think about what we need to do to stay healthy and safe



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be thinking about working together, helping each other and caring for plants and animals. We will then be working hard to follow the golden rules to help us to work and play with others so that everyone is happy. We will be thinking about rules we have to follow to be part of a community.


We will share lots of stories, create story maps and retell the story using props. Children will have many opportunities to write for a range of purposes including writing their own stories and writing facts about plants and animals. We will be reading together during shared carpet sessions and individually. We will also share lots of different non-fiction texts.





The children will be recognising and working with larger numbers and adding, subtracting and sharing out quantities. We will be comparing size, weight and capacity. We will find out about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be representing data in different ways.


Understanding of the World

This term we will be learning about what plants and animals need to grow and their life cycles and comparing similarities and differences. We will be using ICT for a purpose.



Expressive and Creative Development

We will be thinking about different ways to express themselves through art work, music and dance. We will be making models and designing for a purpose. There will also be lots of the opportunities to develop thinking in different role play situations.




Just a Few Reminders.
Your child will need their reading book in school every day. Please can you try and read for just a few minutes a day with your child as it does really support your child's learning.




P.E is on a Friday. Please bring a named kit every week.


Thank you!
 Mrs Beach

Remember to log onto bug club. There are books for your child to access at the correct level and they can read as many as they like! WOW!