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Have a lovely summer break! Back to school on Wednesday 6th September :)

Butterflies Y1

Welcome to Brilliant Butterflies!



Welcome to Butterflies Class. We are in Year one and our class teacher's name is  Mr Kendall. Our Teaching Assistant's name is Ms Buckley.


Our Class Mascot is called Oddbod.

             We are looking forward to an exciting Summer Term 2017 ! 

Our topic for the Summer term is 'Would Beauty and the Beast like to live in Warwick Castle?'



Our daily reads in Summer Term will be -

        Norman and the naughty Knight, 100 facts about Knights and castles (NF)                         Cinderella, Beauty and the  Beast.






Maths is lots of fun in Butterflies! 

Cool Count - counting forwards and backwards in ones, counting in twos, fives and tens.

Daily Bursts - 2d and 3d shapes, measuring, position and direction, telling the time.

Skills - Counting, Number and Place Value, Securing Number Facts, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Fractions. Measurement and Geometry.



Focus for this Summer term will be  writing a non-fiction report  about castles, reports, descriptions and stories based on Traditional Tales.  Rainbow Grammar.

Throughout the Summer term in Science, we will be learning all about

Taking care of ourselves & understanding our body (SRE) Identifying,Classifying and grouping animals.


                          Art and D.T

Our creative work will focus on Art:  Investigating Paul Klee and creating castle art from 2d shapes


DT: Designing, making and evaluating a Castle with a working drawbridge and  moving knights!


In music this term our focus
will be Year 1 – Story Time

Music Express unit of work.



In P.E our focus this term will be Multi skills and real P.E skills.

P.E is on Thursdays. Please remember to bring your P.E kit - shorts, T-shirt and pumps/trainers.

In R.E we will be learningabout Christian and Jewish symbols.


Remember to read every night and get your diary signed - you will earn a star stamp each time!

We read everyday in school so you will need your reading book and reading diary with you every day.

Also, have a go at reading a book using your BUG CLUB account!

  Written homework will be given out on a
FRIDAY and collected in the following FRIDAY so that it can be marked and new homework given.  Please encourage and help your child to complete their homework. Regular READING at home and weekly SPELLINGS are also part of homework.  There is also a home task given on FRONTER each week.

THANK YOU for your support, it really does make a HUGE difference to your child's learning.

                                       Spelling Quiz
We also have a Friday spelling/phonics quiz and it would be really helpful if you could support your child in practising their weekly spellings.  Please make sure your child has their reading diary with them and practise spellings every day using look cover write check.



We will be focussing on E safety, adding to forums on Fronter, using Fronter for research, creating, editing, saving and retrieving documents, using and manipulating photographs/ images & algorithms

There are lots of exciting activities on Fronter that can help your child progress with their learning.  Even just 5 minutes a day on the maths, reading and spelling games could make a massive difference to your child's attainment.


This term our focus will be where do we live in the UK?  UK map work.

  Create a map of a castle.



Learning why and how castles were built, who lived in a castle

and what castle life was like. We will also be visting Warwick Castle!


If you are enjoying ICT at school why don't you access FRONTER at home? Log on to using your own username and password and find our class page! Have fun!
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