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Foxes F2



We are the FANTASTIC Foxes and we are always kind to each other, listen carefully and try our best when working and playing together. We have lots of fun and are always keen to try new things!!

Our teacher in F2 is Mrs Baker.

Our teaching assistant is Miss Burton.



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Our Autumn term topics are :

Would you like to live in a cave?


What is magic?



To begin our new school year we be learning about each other and establishing our class rules. We will share stories such as ‘Dave’s Cave’, ‘Caveman Dave’, ‘Bear Snores On’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. We will be talking about where we live and compare them with a cave and decide where we would prefer to live.

In the second half term we will sharing ‘Room on the Broom’, ‘Winnie the Witch’ and Meg and Mog stories. We will be learning at changes in materials.



Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.


Communication and Language.

This term we will be talking about ourselves, what we like and do not like and making comparisons with others. We will talk about things we know and will share our experiences with others. We will share stories and be add actions and signs to them, and retell them in different ways. We will be recording our ideas and will share our ideas with others.


Physical Development.

We will use a range of resources to improve our fine motor control: such as cutting, threading, using tweezers and using malleable materials. We will use our outside area and will think about how to be safe when we are playing. In PE we will be travelling in different ways and thinking about how we move. We will also think about what we need to do to stay healthy and safe.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be making identity boxes and speaking to their class about what is important to them. We will be thinking about our class rules and how they help us to work together and help each other. We will also develop our independence and perseverance.


We will share a range of stories, create story maps and retell the story using props. Children will have many opportunities to write for a range of purposes including writing facts about animals, simple sentences and spells and lists. We will be reading together during shared carpet sessions and individually. We will also share different non-fiction texts.





The children will be recognising and working with numbers and counting and making sets of objects. They will be comparing and ordering numbers and finding one more and one less. We will be comparing size, and capacity. We will find out about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


Understanding of the World

This term we will be learning about different environments and prehistoric times and making comparisons. We will change materials by mixing, heating and cooling. We will be using ICT for a purpose, such as making collages with photos and using appropriate apps.



Expressive and Creative Development

We will have many opportunities to express ideas through art, music and dance. We will be making models and designing for a purpose. We will have the chance to develop ideas in different role play situations.











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As you can see, we have a busy term ahead of us in Foxes. Keep looking on the website to see photographs of all the things we have been doing.

Look out for the changes to our outdoor area, too. If you want to come in and help you are more than welcome.           

Thank you for all your support - if there is anything you want to know please do not hesitate to come in and see me. My door is always open. If we cannot chat at the time we can work out a suitable time together!!

Thank you

Mrs. Baker

Just a few reminders!!!!

P.E. is on  Friday - could you please make sure that your child has their P.E. kit in school and you have taken off any jewellery.

Please make sure that your child has their water bottle in school and a healthy  tuck shop is available every day for 20p.

Please make sure that reading books are in school every day. 


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