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Welcome back to school - Tuesday 23rd April :)

Giraffes Y5

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Welcome to Genius Giraffes!


Mrs. Shaw is our Teacher.

Mrs Jones is our Teaching Assistant



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We are looking forward to an exciting 

Spring Term 2019

Topic: Which civilisation had the biggest impact - the Mayan or Indus Valley

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In English, our class text will be 'Timeriders:The Mayan Prophecy' by Alex Scarrow.


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We will also be using two information texts, 'The History Dective Investigates: The Mayan Civilisation and the Indus Valley' in our reading lessons. 
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Our writing pieces this term will include a myth, persuasive writing, a non-chronological report and a narrative. We will continue to produce neat, legible and joined handwriting.


Whilst continuing to develop our 'Rainbow Grammar' knowledge, we will also be learning about Subject Verb agreement (was / were), Semi colons and colons, Active and Passive Voice, Cohesive Devices, Sentence types, Finite and Non Finite clauses and using Apostrophes for possession (including plurals)



Our spelling rules this term are...
Year 5: Words containing the letter string ‘ough’ and words with silent letters.


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In Maths, we will be learning about statistics, fractions, decimals and percentages.

We will have skills lessons every week, using and applying our skills lessons and an arithmetic lesson!

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Our Science topics will be 'Feel the Force' and 'Marvellous Mixtures'

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Through our topic work we will be aiming to answer our topic question...


Which civilisation had the biggest impact - the Mayan or Indus Valley?


Our history learning will build upon our work in our previous topic by exploring a group who existed at the same time as the Vikings, the Maya. We will then compare this civilisation to the Indus Valley to help us decide who we think had the biggest impact.

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Art and D.T


In Design and Technology, we will be creating our very own South American inspired dishes. We will then evaluate these.

We will also develop our sculpture skills by creating our own Maya-inspired decorative clay tiles and having these fired in a kiln!

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Our Computing work will, as always, involves work around E-Safety and knowing how to stay safe online. We will also develop our emailing skills and continue our class 'blog'. Our skills in designing and debugging our own game will be developed this term!

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We will be using ICT in lots of other lessons to help our research and presentation of work.

French and Music

Alongside all of this topic work we will be continuing with our French and Music.

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This term, PE is on Thursdays.  Children must arrive at school in their PE kits.  It is essential that they have their full school uniform in a bag.  This includes school shoes.  Trainers are not part of Crescent school uniform.

UPKS2 P.E day is Thursday

UPKS2 P.E day is Thursday 1



Remember to read every night and get your diary signed - you will earn a star stamp each time.

We read everyday in school so you will need your reading book and reading diary with you every day.

Also, have a go at reading a book using your BUG CLUB account!



Every Friday Giraffe's will have homework to complete. They are expected to complete their homework for the following Friday. Please do your best to support and encourage your child with their schoolwork.

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Please make sure you have your reading diary with you for the spelling test on Friday.



If you would like to have a chat or pass on any information please feel free to come into class, I will be more than happy to see you. For a lengthier chat please arrange an after school appointment.

Most of all we will be having lots of fun in class!