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FS concert is on Tuesday 11th December at 2pm and 12th December at 10.15am

Leopards Y3

Welcome to Leopards!

Year 3


Miss McBride is the class teacher and Mrs Cheetham is our fabulous teaching assistant.



We are all looking forward to a really exciting Autumn Term.


During this term, we will attempt to answer the question

‘Who would have won Ancient Greece has got Talent?’




Our first unit of work is based around the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur. We will continue to use texts and our topic as a stimulus throughout the term to write a range of pieces such as a character description, stories, poetry and information texts. We will also be learning to write a range of sentence types and have a focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar.





  Our class book will be How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.



We will be having a big focus on number and calculation this term, but will be  learning measures, shape & space and statistic through our daily bursts. We also work hard on our times tables and reasoning skills.





Our Changing World – We will be finding out about the plants and trees in our school grounds. We will look at how they change throughout the year and will learn about the life cycle of a flowering plant. Throughout the year we shall return to this topic and observe changes in the plant life in our school.







We will be putting the important events in Ancient Greece in chronological order. We shall find out about how the Olympics began and how this event has changed. We will even hold our own mini Olympics. Later in the term we shall find out about Athens and Sparta and learn about the Greek Gods.



We will be using atlases and maps to locate Greece on a map and comparing it to a map of Ancient Greece. We will also be making comparisons between the city of Nottingham and Athens





In computing, we will be looking at Esafety, and learn how to using coding and algorithms.




During circle time every week, we will get together across Lower Key Stage 2 to discuss events in the news as well as other things that directly impact us.



Our art and DT work for the first half term will be creating collages based on the Greek Gods Poseidon and Hades. In the second half term, we will be creating clay pots.


Leopards will be swimming every Friday, starting on the 14th September. More details to follow.






Our Religious Education work will see us looking at Worship and Sacred places.




Remember to read at home as much as you can, and get your diary signed. Each time you get your diary signed you will earn star stamps! Everyone who reads at least 4 times a week will get a prize!You can read any book, not just your school reading book!



Every Friday Leopard's will have two pieces of homework to complete. They are expected to complete their homework for the following Friday. Please do your best to support and encourage your child with their schoolwork.



Spellings are given out every week and we will have our quiz on Friday’s.


If you would like to have a chat or pass on any information please feel free to come into class, I will be more than happy to see you. For a lengthier chat please arrange an after school appointment.

This term is going to be very busy but I'm looking forward to having lots of fun as well!
Miss McBride