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Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2!


In LKS2 we promote the use of a range  exciting themes that bring alive the National Curriculum.  These themes enable all children to learn through positive experiences and hands-on activities.  The children become more skilled at making their own choices in learning, and we encourage them to further identify their strengths and areas for development, through the use of colour challenges in most of the work they do.

The themes, objectives and lessons are detailed below.


Each teacher in LKS2 sends a booklet home to parents at the start of each new term. This booklet details the theme being taught, and the different aspects of the theme. It also gives details of trips, messages, PE days and other important information for the term.




At Crescent we strive for excellence in both english and maths.  We believe reading is a key skill, and as the children move into and through LKS2 we build upon the strong phonic knowledge the children have from KS1.  Further to this, we develop their comprehension skills through a range of stimulting texts.  The children enjoy a rich english and maths curriculum, that promotes both self-belief and positive learning behaviours. Below are the documents we plan from for both english and maths.