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The Summer Fair is on Friday 29th at 6pm....BBQ, Dominos Pizza, Beer tent, Zorbing, Inflatables,raffles, tombola and many fun games!!

Meerkats Y3

Welcome to the Magnificent Meerkat’s Class Page.

We hope you enjoy having a sneaky peek into the exciting things we have been up to!

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Mrs McArdle is our class teacher and Miss Donnelly is our teaching assistant.




Today we have been looking at the works of Georgia O'Keefe for our art lesson. We studied her work of flowers and had a closer look at the way in which she paints and draws. We then had our own go at drawing and painting a flower in her style and we did a really good job!

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As year 3 and 4, we all went on a school trip to Cadbury's World as part of our topic "Where in the world is South America?" We had a really nice day learning about the history of Cadbury's, how cocoa beans grow and where they come from, as well as learning about how chocolate is made. Here are some photos from the day:

Vocabulary Collecting with Sweets!

Super Scientists

As part of our Science learning, we have started an investigation into the role of leaves on plants. We removed all of the leaves from one plant and kept the leaves on the other. We decided on how to ensure that our investigation is fair, and we will be monitoring them daily to see what impact having no leaves has.

Dress Up As A Dog Day!

We are all looking forward to a really exciting Summer Term.



During this term, we will attempt to answer the question

Where in the world is South America?

We will learn all about the continent of South America, where it is, what the land is like and all about chocolate.



Maths: In maths, we will be spending a lot of time studying fractions but we are also learning about statistics, shape and measures. We always include lots of mastery, problem solving and reasoning activities in our lessons. We will also continue to work on our mental maths skills and times table knowledge. 


Science: Our science topic for this term is ‘How does your garden grow?’ where we will learn all about plants, how they grow and what they need to survive. 



ICT: In computing, we will be looking at Esafety, and learning how to use the internet safely. This includes using search engines correctly and email. 


Art/DT: Our art and DT work for the first half term will be learning about the artist Georgia O’Keefe. For the second half term, we will be learning about chocolate, and making and designing our own!

PSHE: Circle Time!

Geography: This geography topic is all about the continent South America. We will learn where it is, the countries and capital cities as well as the physical and human geography. During the second half term, we will focus more on the people and trade within South America.


History: We will complete a local history project about coal mining.



PE: Squash and dance  


RE: Our Religious Education work will see us looking at Beliefs and Questions.


Visit: We are visiting Cadbury’s World on 6th June as part of our geography and design & technology work.




Remember to read at home as much as you can, and get your diary signed. Each time you get your diary signed you will earn star stamps! You can read any book, not just your school reading book!



Every Friday the children will have two pieces of homework to complete. They are expected to complete their homework for the following Friday. Please do your best to support and encourage your child with their schoolwork.



Spellings are given out every week and we will have our quiz on Fridays.


If you would like to have a chat or pass on any information please feel free to come into class, I will be more than happy to see you. For a lengthier chat please arrange an after school appointment.

This term is going to be very busy but we are looking forward to having lots of fun as well.

Mrs McArdle and Miss Donnelly 

Special Golden Time Easter Egg Hunt!

This morning we have been searching the playgrounds hunting for Easter eggs.


Mansfield Museum

Yesterday we visited Mansfield Museum to learn all about the Romans. We had a fantastic day learning about Roman villages and names. We were given a Roman name and we explored how the ending of the name is different for girls and boys. We also had a Roman feast and tried on some Roman helmets.

Clever Coding!

We have been working hard to create programming codes. We thought carefully about the event, which object we wanted and what the output could be. We even changed the background of our designs and added movement, sound and speech bubbles.


The children can continue to create code at home by logging into Purple Mash.

Pandora's Box

We have been freeze-framing sections of the myth Pandora's box. We were able to get into character and we could share how we were feeling and thinking when we came alive.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

The Bull Farm Project


We have started to put together our structures for the Bull Farm project. Our research area is harmony and conflict - we discussed in class what types of buildings and structures this would include. We started to make a fire station, police station, school, sports centre, community centre, hospital and a newsagents. Here we are in action!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

In Meerkats, we have been busy making Christmas tree decorations ready for the Christmas Fair on 1st December!

Perfect Portraits

As part of our Art work, we have been sketching portraits of kings in the style of Nicholas Hilliard. We have been practising with pastels to create the skin tone.



In PE we have been using our bodies to create different shapes and interesting balances.

Can people with longer arms throw the furthest?

In Science, we have been learning all about our bodies and what we can do to keep healthy. We have also been learning about the different parts of the body including the skeleton and the different muscles.

We have planned an investigation into whether people with longer arms can throw a ball further. We decided on how we would carry out the investigation and what equipment we would need. In small groups, we measured the length of our arms and how far we had thrown the beanbags.

After sharing our results, we found out that people with longer arms didn’t necessarily throw the furthest. Instead, we came to the conclusion that there were lots of things that would impact how far you can throw.

Magical Maths!

As part of our maths learning, we have been exploring different numbers and how they are made. We have been using different equipment to represent the value of the digits.

A mountain of muscle and a tower of strength….

In our English lessons, we have been learning a persuasive speech from Henry, a warrior trying to persuade William the Conqueror that he should choose him to fight in the Battle of Hastings. We have been creating actions to help us to learn all the different parts. We have also unpicked the speech to understand how Henry is persuading.

Guide Dog Visit September 2017


Today, Meerkats have had a wonderful visit from some local guide dogs. They had a great time learning all about them and how they can help blind people. Meerkats asked lots of great questions and enjoyed stroking the dogs! Below are some pictures from our visit.