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Autumn term

Our topic this term focuses on the question:


Would you rather live in Mansfield or Mombasa?


We are really excited to start this Geography based topic where we will be investigating the differences between life in Mansfield and Mombasa. We will know howto locate them on a map and explore climate, school life, transport, food, music and art within both places. We are really excited to be exploring a different part of the world to answer our very interesting topic question. 



In English we are exploring the story ‘Meerkat Mail’ written by Emily Gravett. A story written within the form of postcards to document one meerkat's journey to different places; seeing his family and hoping to feel a sense of belonging. We are also going to be reading an amazing story titled 'Bog Baby' written by  Jeanne Willis; a story about one young girl's discovery of a magical creature she finds hidden within the pond weeds. Whilst studying these stories we are going to be writing our own narrative. Our Rainbow Grammar lessons will support us in building on our understanding of sentence structure; recapping simple and compound sentences and introducing subordinating clause as well as using commas in lists.We will continue to explore the use of language to bring the story alive including adjectives.


 We will also be reading a range of poems with a focus on winter poetry with the intention of writing our very own poems too. 






Simple Sentences with expanded noun phrases

subject > predicate > closing punctuation


Compound sentences using ‘and’ ‘but’

subject > predicate > coordinating conjunction > subject > predicate > closing punctuation


Complex sentences using the subordinate clause ‘because’

subject > predicate > subordinating clause > closing punctuation



In our Reading sessions we are looking at different texts and the features they have. Our focused text this term are Lila and the secret of the rain and Flat Stanley. We will be perfecting our skills of answering both comprehension and inference-based questions. We will be sequencing and summarising chapters and use our reading vipers to support us in internalising the text.






In Maths, we will continue to learnt to count, order, represent numbers in tens and ones to 100 and compare and understand place value. We will be using a range of strategies and methods for addition and subtraction in various representations and contexts. We will continue to develop our understanding of money before beginning multiplication and division.






In RE, we will continue our learning of Judaism. We will see what a Torah is and how it is used in a synagogue. We will study different stories from the Torah and write an account of one. The children will use their factual knowledge to suggest why ancient stories are valuable to some people today.


Art and Design 


In Art and design we are going to be looking at one artist in particular - Gunta Stolzl. We are going to be investigating this artist's life, their style of work, recreate their artwork on a larger scale and then design our own patterns using them as an inspiration. We will then consequently  evaluate our own work by discussing what aspects we like, what we enjoyed and what we would change if we were to do it again. 






In PE we are continuing to work on our shooting, defending, and kicking skills in football through a range of drills, teamwork activities and matches. We will be looking at tactical skills during a game of football and understanding how we can be an effective player. In our dodgeball lessons, we are looking at performing good overhead throws, footwork and the rules to the game of dodgeball. We again, investigate how we can use tactics to improve how effective we are in a game. We are also exploring the important of warm up and cool down and the effects of exercise on the body.





In Science we will be investigating different habitats. What habitats different animals live in and the foods they eat. We will then explore how we look after ourselves what we eat and how to stay clean and healthy. We will also look how we change as we grow. We will investigate to see if older children have bigger heads.





In Computing we are focusing on photography and photoshopping. We will be editing photos using simple software tools and cut out an image to layer on another image. We are going to be having lots of fun editing different photographs.


We will also be explaining how other people’s identity online can be different to their identity in real life and describe ways in which people might make themselves look different online.  




Our Music lessons are based around a song that we learn. During this time, we use our voices expressively and creatively by singing and accompany this by playing tuned instruments. We will be listening with concentration and understanding a range of high-quality live and recorded music and experiment with, create, select and combine sounds. 



In Geography, the children will be investigating where in the world Mansfield and Mombasa are and how the world in divided up using the key words: equator, continents). We will also be exploring the physical and human features of Mansfield and Mombasa with the opportunities to make direct comparisons between the two.




School Awards