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Autumn term

Our topic this term focuses on the question:


What's it like to live in Mansfield?


We are really excited to start this Geography based topic where we will be investigating what it is like to live in Mansfield. Turtle Class will be learning about the physical and human features that can be found in and around Mansfield. We will be exploring maps of the United Kingdom and learning about the capital cities of the four nations. We will also be studying Nottingham as our closest city and hopefully we will have a trip to Mansfield too.




In English we are exploring the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. A story written about a young boy who, after being sent to his room, goes on an adventure to the land where the wild things live. After being crowned king, the boy feels homesick and is desperate to go home. We question whether this took place in a young boy's imagination or not? We are also going to be reading an amazing story titled Little Bear and then go onto to read the wonderful story titled Elmer. 


As well as these fiction texts, we will also be learning about and writing our own Winter Poem in time for Christmas.




Rainbow Grammar


Our Rainbow Grammar lessons will support us in building on our understanding of sentence structure; learning how to write simple and compound sentences. We will continue to explore the use of language to bring the story alive including adjectives.



Simple Sentences

subject predicate closing punctuation


Compound sentences using ‘and’ ‘but’

subject predicate coordinating conjunction (and/but) > subject predicate closing punctuation





In Maths, we will begin by largely focusing on place value; learning to count, order and represent numbers. We will be sorting and organising objects and numbers based upon their features. Turtle Class will be comparing numbers using the terminology more than, less than and equal too alongside their accompanying symbols (<>=). We will be using a range of strategies and methods for addition and subtraction in various representations and contexts. We will continue to practise counting forwards and backwards and finding missing numbers within a sequence. 



Everyday Materials, Plants and Using Our Senses.



During our super Science lessons, we will be exploring everyday materials and finding out what things are made of and how materials are classified according to their properties to see if they are plastic, wood, glass or metal.


Turtle Class will become plant detectives exploring what plants are, how and where they grow and how plants and trees can change over time.



   Finally, in the Autumn term we will be looking at our 5 senses, learning what they are and how they help us decide the things we like to taste, smell and touch. 




Our RE lessons are designed to give Turtle Class the opportunity to explore religions and begin to understand what objects and symbols are used for the festivals, experiences and emotions of the religions and its people. We will be learning about Christmas and Hannukah as well as a range of other festivals and celebrations that occur throughout the year. 



Art and Design 


We will begin by developing our knowledge of colour including primary colours, the colour wheel and mixing. Turtle Class will be creating a piece of artwork inspired by the season of winter, we will be looking at colour, colour mixing and creating a beautiful scene of winter by painting both a background and a foreground.





In PE we are continuing to work on our shooting, defending, and kicking skills in football through a range of drills, teamwork activities and matches. We will be looking at tactical skills during a game of football and understanding how we can be an effective player. In our multi-skills lessons, we are looking at improving skills that help us throughout a range of sports including balance, accuracy, throwing and catching. We are also exploring the important of a warmup and cool down and the effects of exercise on the body.







Our Music lessons are based around a song that we learn. During this time, we use our voices expressively and creatively by singing and accompany this by playing tuned instruments. We will be listening with concentration and understanding a range of high-quality live and recorded music and experiment with, create, select and combine sounds.





Turtles will learn all about caring and responsibility, who our special people are and how they help us in our R.S.H.E lessons. We will be exploring what makes a kind friend. We will embrace diversity and recognise the ways in which we are all different and understand what it is to be respectful, kind and use strategies to promote inclusion and kindness.




E safety is a top priority so will be learning how to keep safe when using a computer or electronic device. We will learn how to log in and log out of websites, how to create pictures and documents and how to save these to work on at a later date. We will be using Scratch to help us understand algorithms, programming and create our own avatar. We will also focus on creating animations on Puppetpals and Chatterpix.


School Awards