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Crocodiles Y3



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We are the Courageous Crocodiles!

Mrs Cooper is our class teacher and Mrs Smith and Mrs Watson are our teaching assistants.

We are very excited to be in year 3 and are looking forward to a busy Autumn Term.





Our thought provoking question for the Autumn is:


Did Britain change after the Battle of Britain?



Our English work in the first half term will be based around the book 'Tin Forest' exploring language features used in a setting description. We will use Talk for Writing to help us write our own descriptive pieces. We will then use our journalism skills to write newspaper reports. During the second half term, we will carry on with our reports and write poetry. We will use role play to help us internalise the features and use our creative thinking when writing. We will continue to have a strong focus on handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout the term.





Our class book will be The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo.







In Reading, we will be focusing on developing our reading skills and linking this with answering questions about a text. We will also be developing our expectations as a reader in both fiction and non-fiction texts. We will spend time discussing interesting words and phrases and also use our predicting skills from clues in the text. During the second half term term, we will identify how structure and presentation contribute to meaning in fiction texts and enjoy some performance poetry. 





The first half of the term focuses on developing our place value knowledge and addition and subtraction. We will work with numbers up to 1000 - linking our place value knowledge with supporting our adding and subtracting strategies. During the second half term, we will move on to multiplication and division. It is essential during year 3 we can recall quickly our 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s times-tables.




In Science, we will be learning about three different topics. Our first topic is called ‘Our Changing World’  and we will be exploring how leaves and flowers change throughout the year. Our second topic is ‘Amazing Bodies' and we will be considering what we need to stay healthy and looking into the function of the skeleton and muscles. Our final topic will be 'Can you see me?' and we will learn about what we need to see and investigating shadows.  






Our thought provoking topic question this term will enable us to learn about if life changed after the Battle of Britain. We will learn about what World War 2 was and where it took place. We will understand the purpose of the Battle of Britain and how it was fought. Also, we will find out about rationing, effects of air raids, causes of evacuation and the role women played during World War 2. 





Our computing work will, as always, involve work around E-Safety and knowing how to stay safe online. Our main focus will be using a program called Book Creator with a focus on presentation. During the second half term our learning will be based on physical computing and we will use a program called Crumble.





Our RSHE work will centre around 'Healthy and Happy Friendships' We will learn about what makes a good friend, the importance of personal space and ways to develop resilience.  During the second half term we will focus on 'Similarities and Differences.' We will discuss ways to value and show respect for others including considering the feelings of others. Additionally, we will discuss about gender stereotypes.

In both half terms we will complete lessons on equality, inclusion and anti-bullying. 



Art / DT

In our Art lessons, we will be learning about the lines, tones, shades and patterns created by chalk and oil pastels. We will use this knowledge to create fiery backgrounds for a Blitz scene.  As part of our DT work,  we will explore the foods people were encouraged to grow at home during WW2 and we will design and make a dish comprising of these ingredients. 





PE will be on a Tuesday with Mr Saleh and we will work on Games. The other day is yet to be confirmed. Please ensure correct PE kit is worn on these days. 





During this term the children will know about and understand religions and worldviews. Included in this we will know how Christians and Muslims pray and understand the meanings of symbols, words and actions in prayer - for both Christians and Muslims. 




Our French topics are called - 'All about me' and 'Jeux et chansons'

The children will learn vocabulary based on these topics. This will include greetings, counting to 20, giving opinions and learning animal names.  




Our music themes are 'Let your spirit fly' and during the second half term 'Glockenspiel Stage 1' 

The Let your spirit fly unit allows children to sing, find the pulse and add simple improvisations alongside the unit songs. 

Glockenspiel Stage 1 allows children to learn how to play a range of notes from memory and notation and create their own composition. 


As you can see, we have a very busy Autumn term ahead. Thankyou very much

for all your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  

If you need to contact me at another point:




Homework will be set every Friday through our remote learning platform - SeeSaw. 

We also ask for your support with reading at home, spelling practise and times tables rehearsal. 


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