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We hope you have a lovely Summer break and we look forward to seeing the children on Thursday 2nd September.

Crocodiles Y4



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We are the Courageous Crocodiles!

Mrs Cooper is our class teacher and Mrs Buckley is our teaching assistant.

We are very excited to be in year 4 and are looking forward to a busy Summer Term.





Our thought provoking question for the Summer Term is:


What did the Romans do for us?



Our English work in the first half term will be based around Ancient Roman myths, exploring what a myth is and what they usually contain. We will use Talk for Writing to help us write our own myths. During the second half term, our focus will be on non-fiction writing.  We will be applying our knowledge of the Romans to write non-chronological reports. We will continue to have a strong focus on handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout the term.



Guided Reading

In Guided Reading, we will be focusing on developing our reading skills and linking this with answering questions about a text. We will also be developing our inference skills - using clues to help us answer questions. To begin the Summer term, we will be reading Romans on the Rampage and in the second half-term, we will be reading Malamander.





The first half of the term, we will be focusing on decimals. We will be writing, ordering and comparing decimals. In the second half of the Summer term, we will be learning about Money, Time, Statistics, Properties of Shape and Position and Direction. Like the throughout the year, there will be a real focus on learning the timestables up to 12x12 and being able to recall them confidently.




In Science, we will be learning about two different topics in the Summer term. Our first topic is called ‘Good Vibrations’  and we will be exploring how sounds are made and heard. Our second topic is ‘Where does the food go?’ and we will be learning about the digestive system. 





Our thought provoking topic question this term will enable us to learn about the Ancient Romans and explore the impact they had in Great Britain and across Europe. We will be learning about what life was like in Roman times, about the Roman army, Boudicca and what the Romans left behind.





Our computing work will, as always, involve work around E-Safety and knowing how to stay safe online. Our main focus will be ‘Logo’ , 'Effective Searching' and 'Animation'. We will be using Purple Mash to support the Computing curriculum.



Our circle time work will centre around discussing about healthy bodies and healthy minds and understanding about how to make a healthy choice.. During the second half term, we will discuss how to cope with change - including to our bodies as we grow.



Art / DT

In our Art lessons, we will be learning about Roman Mosaics, and we will be making some of own.  As part of our DT work, we will be using our textiles skillset to make Roman purses. We will also be investigating all about Roman Architecture. 





PE will be on a Monday and Tuesday. We will be working alongside our fabulous coaches and our focus will be on gymnastics and dance. Later on, we will work on Athletics skills and outdoor adventurous work. 




Our RE theme this term is 'Spiritual Expression.' The children will get opportunity to understand how and why Christians use music to express beliefs about God. They will also be given chance to express reasons why pieces of music are spiritual for them.




Our French topics are called - The Carnival of the animals and What's the weather like? 

The themes will allow the children to learn animal names, tell the time, describe the weather and the clothes needed to wear in a particular weather condition.




Our music themes are 'Blackbird' and 'Reflect, rewind and replay'

The children will begin to understand how the lyrics of a song can tell a story and will get chance to play the recorder. The second focus is on the history of music and place music in the correct time and space.


As you can see, we have a very busy Summer term ahead. Thankyou very much

for all your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  

If you need to contact me at another point:




Homework will be set every Friday through our remote learning platform - SeeSaw. 

We also ask for your support with reading at home, spelling practise and times tables rehearsal. 


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