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Welcome back everyone! It is so lovely to see all our children and parents!

Foxes - Reception


To Foxes Class!



We are the Fabulous, Fantastic Foxes and we just love to learn! We are creative individuals with a ‘can-do’ positive attitude. Foxes are caring, kind and loving and we take pride in always wanting to help our peers to succeed.


Our teacher is Miss Wilmot and we are incredibly lucky to have Miss Richards and Miss Allwood's as the teaching assistants in our class to help us grow and learn. We are so excited to be teaching Reception this year!


   Miss Wilmot          Miss Richards             Miss Allwood  


Our topic this Autumn term is:


Me, My World, My Community


Our topic this half term is Me, My World and My Community. We will be learning all about ourselves and how we are different to others. Within this we will be learning all about different diversities, different emotions, different families, different parts of our body, and we will be focusing on how to write our name. We will look closely at our baby photo’s to see how we have changed, and what we can do now that we are a little bit older. In this term we will also be learning about Autumn and it’s changes, the world and different countries in comparison to where we live, and we will be partaking in different celebrations such as Harvest Festival. Please note that our learning is also guided by the child's interests, so we may not always stick to plan! We have a busy, fun filled learning adventure ahead!



Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.



Communication and Language

This term, and throughout the year, there will be a huge focus on communication and language. We will be sharing lots of wonderful books together, both fiction and non-fiction, to practice our listening, comprehension, and questioning skills. We will sing along with nursery rhymes, enjoy imaginary play in continuous provision, and share our own knowledge and experiences with our peers.



Physical Development

This term we will be practicing a variety of skills, for example mark making, threading and cutting, to develop our fine motor skills.

We will also take part in two weekly PE lessons to develop our gross motor skills, including balancing, coordination and travelling in different ways.

We will be working with Mr Richards on Tuesday's, learning different skills needed to play games and sports. On Thursday's we will be working with Miss Siddall practicing our dance skills.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will begin to think about our actions and how to be good friends to everyone in the class. We will think about what actions are good and which actions we need to improve on. We will begin to think about our feelings and try to understand how we are feeling, and how we might make another person feel. We will also learn all about our Golden Rules and how to follow them inside and outside. 

We will focus on aspects of our every day life, such as getting dressed, our oral hygiene and hygiene in general.

We will also learn about the cultures and beliefs of others.




In our first term of school we will be developing a love of reading, sharing stories every day and understanding the fundamentals of a book. We will look at these in depth, joining in with the repeated refrains. We will also begin our reading adventure, identifying tricky words and developing our segmenting skills.

We will begin to mark make with meaning in the different areas of our continuous provision and also practice writing our name.

We will begin to learn phase 2 phonics following the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme.

Our learning could be led by the children's interests.



We will begin to practise our counting skills through our ‘Cool Count’, which includes counting forwards and backwards and recognising numbers. We will be learning to match, sort and compare different items an objects. We will be looking closely at numbers 1-5 and how they are represented, can be compared and the composition of. We will look at one more and one less than a number.

We will also be learning about capacity, mass and size. We will explore patterns and shapes and begin to understand positional language.


Understanding of the World

In the Autumn term we will be learning all about ourselves, our community and our world. We will discuss significant events, celebrate special festivals, compare where we live compared to other places in the world and discuss the different hot and cold countries around the world. We will look at maps, globes and atlases to further our understanding of the world. We will also investigate the changes in our environment that Autumn brings.

We will learn about how we are all different, how we have changed since we have a baby and name and identify different body parts.

We have lots of exciting, educational adventures planned throughout the year!




Expressive and Creative Development

Over the term, we will be using lots of different techniques to create exciting, endless possibilities of creations. We will explore colour and experiment with colour mixing, understanding the colour wheel and how to create our own colours using only primary. We will practice drawing and creating shapes with multiple outlets.

We will also share lots of songs and nursery rhymes, learning how to move rhythmically and also create our own stories using our imaginations.


As you can see, we have a busy term ahead of us in Foxes. Thank you very much for all of your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Foundation Stage team. Please regularly check your child's Tapestry account to keep up to date with their learning and to share what they have been doing at home with us too.



If you need any support or would like to ask any questions, please speak to me at the door or contact me at:





We are very lucky to have not one, but two PE lessons a week with two brilliant coaches. On a Tuesday, we will be working on our gross motor skills and agility and on a Thursday we will be participating in a Dance lesson!


On both days, children need to come to school in their PE kit (jogging bottoms, hooded top, trainers etc). No uniform is required on this day. Any jewellery must be removed and hair to be tied up.



Please send your child to school with a bottle of water each day. 

Please can children bring book bags to school everyday.



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