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Reception Nativity Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th December at 2pm

Hedgehogs/ Hoglets NURSERY

To Hedgehogs!


We are the happy, helpful Hedgehogs and we try our best in everything we do! Mrs Harrison is our Class Teacher Tuesday -Friday.


Our topic during the Summer term is:

How The World Works 



         The children will learn How The World Works by looking at how plants and animals grow and how people help us in the community.

During the first half term, we will be looking at how plants and animals grow. We will be planting sunflower seeds and observing how they grow. We will also look at animals on the farm and learn about what it is like to live and work on a farm. We will also have a visit from White Post Farm and they will bring a long some petting animals and retiles. 

In the second half term, we will be looking at how people in the community help us. We will share the story of 'A Superhero Like You' and think about which superhero job we would like. This could be a fire fighter, a carer or a doctor. We will learn more about different occupations and recreate the roles of these people through role play. 


We will share these stories: 

Spot Goes to the Farm

Farmyard Hullabaloo 

The Kings Coronation 

A Superhero Like You

Emergency! Emergency! 

Occupations Non-Fiction Book 


Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.



Communication and Language

Over the term, children will have lots of opportunities to talk. We will be speaking in small and large groups and develop vocabulary and language; particularly through play. We will develop our listening skills. We will listen to sounds, words and other people. We will have opportunities to develop our understanding of instructions, including 'how' and 'what' concepts. 


Physical Development

This term we will be practising our fine motor skills and will focus on this on Fine Motor Friday's. We will be threading, cutting using scissors, manipulate a range of materials including play dough and using a range of writing tools. We will also be working on our gross motor skills. We will be running, jumping, skipping, crawling, climbing and using bikes. On a Thursday, we will participate in dance sessions. We will work hard on our balance and coordination skills during these sessions. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be supporting our New Starters in settling into  Nursery. We will begin to speak to familiar people and begin to express their feelings and emotions. The children will learn the golden rules and begin to become familiar with routines. We will continue to support our children with sharing and turn taking. 




We will be listening and joining in with nursery rhymes. We will become familiar with the songs and begin to have their favourites and will join in with repeated lines. We will also read our Ten Key Texts. Children will be able to join in with repeated lines from these books too. Children will have a story book to take home weekly. 

Stories which will be shared during this term are: 

Spot Goes to the Farm

Farmyard Hullabaloo 

A Superhero Like You

Emergency! Emergency! 

Occupations Non Fiction 


Our Ten Key Texts are: 

Shark in the Park

Peace at Last

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Room on the Broom 

Ten Little Monkeys

There's a Dragon in your Book 

Brown Bear Brown Bea What Do You See

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The Selfish Crocodile 

The Magic Hair Swap 





We will practise our counting skills through our ‘Cool Count’, which includes counting forwards, backwards and recognising numbers. We will be focusing on one number each work and working hard to recognise that number in a variety of ways and make sets of that number. We will also be learning to name and identify 2d shapes, order objects by length and capacity and create our own patterns. 



Understanding the World

 In the first part of the term, we will be learning about growing. We will grow sunflowers and make butterfly feeders. We will learn about farm animals and have a visit from White Post Farm to see and learn about petting animals and reptiles. We will also learn about the life cycle of a chick. 



Expressive and Creative Development

Over the term, we will be building on their imaginary play through small world play, such as homes and trains, and through larger role plays such as the home corner. We will paint in a variety of ways to explore colour and texture. We cannot wait to get messy! 



As you can see, we have a busy term ahead of us in Hedgehogs. Thank you very much for all of your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Foundation Stage team. Please regularly check your child's Tapestry account to keep up to date with their learning and to share what they have been doing at home with us too.


     Thank you for your help and support!


If you need any support or would like to ask any questions, please speak to a member of the Foundation Stage team at the door or contact the school office.





P.E. is every Thursday. Please make sure that your child has any jewellery taken off.


Please send your child to school with a bottle of water each day. 

Please can children bring book bags to school everyday. 

Links to support your child with their learning at home:

Apps you can download:






  2Create a Story (2CAS)


  Blobble Write








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