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Easter break - Monday 3rd April - Friday 14th April. Back to school on Monday 17th April.

Jaguars Y6

Welcome to the Jaguar class page.

We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting things we will be learning this year!


Our teachers are Mrs Hamilton, who will be teaching us every morning, and Mrs Smith who will be teaching us each afternoon. We’re very lucky this year to have Miss.Hrycaj and Mrs Senior as our brilliant teaching assistants.





 This Spring Term all of our work will centre around the question ‘Is Trade always Fair?'.


                                    We will be reading 'Kick' by Mitch Johnson as part of our class book.



We begin this topic with a History focus where we explore Bagdad's role in early Islamic civilisation and understand why the early Islamic civillisation became a major power in the silk road trade route. During this topic, we will be learning about some of the significant discoveries and studies that were led by early Islamic scholars. Moving into Spring 2, we will explore this topic through a Geography focus by using a a map to look at the UK's trade links with other countries. We will learn about the importance of Fair Trade; explain the global supply chain and explore how trading has changed through history. 




Our writing will be heavily influenced by our engaging topic. We will be putting into practice all our new SPAG learning to create some fascinating pieces including setting  descriptions, diary writing and stories. Our writing will be purposeful and we will be sharing our work with a range of audiences and taking pride in publishing each piece. 




`Reading this half term will allow us to build on our key reading skills we explored in the Autumn Term. We will be utilising skills of retrieval, inference, summarising and prediction with a huge focus on vocabulary. We will focus on a different text each week to allow us to read a range of different genres.


Our class text is 'Kick' by Mitch Johnson which we will be reading daily in class. This enlightening novel focuses on a young boy, Budi, who wants to be a star. He's going to play for the greatest team on earth rather than in the square behind the factory. where he makes football boots. The theme of this story will is very important and it will teach us internaltional issues which many children may not have been aware of. The story is about dreaming big, about hope and heroes and never letting anything stand in your way. 




We will be kicking off the Spring term by continuing with our learning about fractions where we will understand how to multiply and divide fractions. As we progress, we will move onto looking at ratio, algebra, decimals and percentages. In Spring 2, we will learn about area, perimeter and volume before exploring statistics. We will continue to have a weekly arithmetic skills lessons and focus on reasoning and problem solving questions within our lessons.




As well as being reminded about the importance of e-safety, we will be focusing on creating media during our computing lessons. We will use the Keynote, Apple Clips and Thinglink to create a 360 interactive leaflet about Baghdad AD900 wich links to our 'Is Trade Always Fair?' topic this term.   Following on from this, we will be focusing on computer systems and networks by evaluating different methods of online communication and learning about how we communicate using technology.



Art and DT

In art, we will be disucssing different forms of Islamic art and use this to create our own geometric pattern based on traditional styles. We will research the artist MC Escher and use this to help us create our own tesselations. 



In the Spring term,we will be exploring the beliefs in action in the world. During Spring 1, we will focus on the two questions 'What can we learn from people who resist discrimination and persecution?' and 'What was the Kindertransport?'.  As we progress into Spring 2, we will explore teachings, wisdowm and authroity by focusing on the questions 'What can we learn by reflecting on words of wisdom from religions and world views?' and 'What do sacred texts and other sources say about God, the world and human life?'.



Year Six will have PE on a Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure children are coming to school on these days wearing a full PE kit. We will go swimming on a Friday and Express coaching will deliver our PE lesson on a Tuesday. 



In Science, we will learn about 'Body Pump' and 'Danger! Low voltage''. Our 'Body pump' lessons will explore the circulatory system; the role of our heart; what blood is and what do valves and blood vessels do. During Spring 2, we will move on to exploring circuits and understanding what a switch does. We will learn about the different circuit diagrams and construct our own working circuits. We will complete a range of scientific investigations to support us with this.





Weekly homework and spellings will always be on Seesaw. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings, complete their homework and read at least 3 times a week in line with our home/school agreement.

Children will be assigned weekly spellings on EdShed.



School Awards