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Welcome to our 'OUTSTANDING' School! We offer 30 hours, wraparound care (before & after school) and a free bagel every morning at the bagel bar!

Jellyfish Y1

        Welcome to Jellyfish



Mrs Jones is your class teacher and Mrs Allwood is your class Teaching Assistant.


                                    Mrs Jones                       Mrs Allwood





Jellyfish In Action! 10 Certificate Treat

Partake Theatre - The Great Fire Of London

Partake Theatre- The Great Fire Of London

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Burning of our Tudor House

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World Book Day - We enjoyed our books and dressing up!





General Information


Doors open 8:40 to 8:50 in the morning.

School finishes at 3:10 pm.

Book bags, reading records and water bottles to be sent into school each morning and they will be sent home each night.

PE will take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Homework will be allocated on a Friday each week to be handed in by each following Friday. There will be either a piece of maths or english that will be published on seesaw.

Star Stamps will be given for phonics quiz results, reading at home and for lots of other achievements throughout the day.   



Our Topic Theme


During the Summer Term, in our Geography, History and Topic lessons, we will be exploring the topic question of:


 From Farm To Fork.

Where Does My Food Come From?

To help us decide the answer to this question, Jellyfish will be learning about the process it takes to get foods from their raw state to something that we can eat. We will be looking at the different countries certain food grow in- to help us understand that some foods can be local whilst others come from further afield. Jellyfish have an exciting trip planned to White Post Farm, so that we can see what it is like being a farmer, how crops grow and how animals are reared.

















When writing in Year One, we start to learn lots of different writing techniques to help us write. Jellyfish will be continuing to use Rainbow Grammar to help us form a range of simple, compound and complex sentences.

To help us develop our writing skills we will be using The Tiger who Came to Tea to write a narrative and a set of instructions. We will be reading and internalising the text to help us:


The Tiger Who Came To Tea










Maths lessons during the first half term will be focussing on multiplication and division of 2,5's and 10's, fractions and geometry. This will also include describing movement. We will also be learning about related fact families through multiplication and division and the fractions a whole, quarter and a half.







During the second half term, we will continue to work with place value within 100. We will learn to recognise the value of coins and notes and how to read and write analogue and digital times on clocks.









Super Science lessons are all about:


Plant Detectives



During our lessons we will look at what plants are, how and where they grow. We will explore how trees and plants change over the seasons.





Our Changing World

Sensing Seasons



During our Sensing Seasons lessons, Jellyfish will be thinking about how the seasons change and how these changes affect us.  We will also explore what we can see and feels gives us a clue as to what season it is.











Art and D.T


Jellyfish will be creating a piece of art in the style of Guiseppe Acrimboldo. We will use fruit and vegetables for facial features to make a portrait.




Jellyfish will also be understanding why it is important to be healthy and in DT we will make our own fruit salad.














E safety is a top priority and Jellyfish will be learning how to keep themselves safe when using a computer or any electronic device. We will learn how to log in and log out of websites, how to create pictures and documents and how to save our work; to be able to retrieve and edit it at a later date. We will be exploring data handling. Jellyfish will learn how to sort images and text into groups, how to collect data about a topic and how to create a tally.


Through our topic, we will make our very own Video Creation!





Religious Education


Our R.E lessons give Jellyfish the opportunity to explore religions and begin to understand what objects and symbols are used for the festivals, experiences and emotions of the religions and its people. We will be learning about weddings and other celebrations.








In Jellyfish we  will learn all about caring and responsibility, who our special people are and how they help us in our R.S.H.E lessons. We will embrace diversity and recognise the ways in which we are all different and understand what it is to be respectful, kind and use strategies to promote inclusion and kindness.





Music in the Spring Term is a time for the children to recognise the pulse of a song and understand it is the songs heartbeat. We will be using our voices, glockenspiels and recorders to develop our understanding of music.



Physical Education


 PE lessons will either be outside or in the hall on Tuesday with Mr Saleh, focusing on skills and we will develop these skills further on a Thursday.


 We are incredibly lucky to have coaches who teach us a variety of sports in Year One and we will be active throughout the week too.


School Awards