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Reception Nativity Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th December at 2pm

Leopards Y6

Welcome to the lovely, legendary Leopards!

Miss Kennedy is the class teacher and Mr Dobb is the teaching assistant in Leopards.




 This Summer Term we have two topics which all of our work will centre around. In Summer 1, our topic title is Apollo or Archimedes: who was the 'real' Greek God?’ and in Summer 2, we will focus on ‘How can I be the best version of me?’. 




 We will be reading 'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio and ‘You are Awesome’ by Mathew Syed as part of our class books.



We begin this topic with a History focus where we explore what life in Ancient Greece was like including significant battles and the political system. During this topic, we will be learning about how what the Ancient Greek Gods and Ancient Greek philospheres were known for. We will end the topic by considering how significant the legacy of Ancient Greece is today.




Our writing will be heavily influenced by our engaging topic. We will be putting into practice all our new SPAG learning to create some fascinating pieces including poems, narratives, character monologues and a non-chronological report all about Greek Gods. Our writing will be purposeful and we will be sharing our work with a range of audiences and taking pride in publishing each piece. 





`Reading this half term will allow us to build on our key reading skills we explored in the Spring Term. We will be utilising skills of retrieval, inference, summarising and prediction with a huge focus on vocabulary. We will focus on ‘Wonder’ for some of our reading lessons as well as reading a range of literature.

Our class text is 'Wonder' by R.J,Palacio which we will be reading daily in class. This enlightening novel focuses on August Pullman who was born with a severe facial difference. This has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. All August longs for is to be accepted by his new classmates but this is a challenge. The theme of this story is very important and it will teach us the importance of being kind – small acts of kindness a day can make a huge difference.




We will be kicking off the Summer term by continuing with our learning about shapes where we will explore 2D and 3D shapes as well as angles and circles. As we progress, we will move onto looking at statistics where we will learn to read, interpret, draw and problem solve using data represented in a variety of ways (bar chart, pie chart and line graphs). In Summer 2, we will learn to problem solve in a variety of different contexts using all areas of maths previously covered.




As well as being reminded about the importance of e-safety, we will be focusing on programming using Scratch during our computing lessons. Following on from this, we will be focusing on creating media using iMovie. Our computing lessons will be closely linked to our topic.




Art and DT

In art, we will be discussing the different patterns and images found on Greek pottery and use this to create our own Greek Pottery pictures based on traditional styles.  We will move onto creating abstract ‘Wonder’ portraits in Summer 2.





In the Summer term, we will be exploring world religions. During Summer 1, we will focus on the question 'How can we make Nottingham city and Nottinghamshire places of tolerance and respect?’ by finding out the statistics of world religions in our local area and exploring examples of inter faith co-operations.  As we progress into Summer 2, we will learn about some spiritual concepts of justice, fairness, compassion and responsibility by looking at the question ‘How do religions and beliefs respond to global issues of human rights, fairness, social justice and the importance of the environment?’. We will learn about two examples of major faith based global aid and development charities.




Year Six will have PE on a Tuesday. Please ensure children are coming to school on this day wearing a full PE kit. We are lucky to have our fantastic coach (Mr Saleh) deliver our PE lesson on a Tuesday. 




In Science, we will learn about 'The Nature Library' and 'Body health''. Our 'Nature Library' lessons will explore how plants, animals and micro-organisms can be classified to allow them to be identified easily. We will create our own classification keys and set up our own experiments to help us understand the best conditions for micro-organisms to grow. During Summer 2, we will move onto exploring ‘Body Health’ and understanding how we can keep our bodies healthy by thinking carefully about our lifestyle choices. We will look at the effect of choices humans make including diet, exercise and drug use and how these can be damaging to our bodies.   




Weekly homework and spellings will always be on Seesaw. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings, complete their homework and read at least 3 times a week in line with our home/school agreement.

Children will be assigned weekly spellings on EdShed.

School Awards