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Reception Nativity Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th December at 2pm

Lions Y5

Welcome to Lions' Class Page!


We hope that you enjoy reading about all the exciting things that we have planned for the Summer term!




Mr Matthews is the class teacher and Mrs Metcalfe is the teaching assistant in Lions . 


This Summer Term, our learning will centre around the question:

‘Is water a super hero?"




We are aiming to produce four different pieces of writing this term: 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction. In our fiction writing, we will be writing an engaging prologue, using the prologue form our text ‘White Dolphin’ to inspire us. Excitingly, we will be then be using the prologue we have written to write a short narrative with a dilemma.  

For our non-fiction writing, we will be creating an informative yet persuasive leaflet aiming to encourage our child and adult readers to visit ‘The Deep’. FInally, we will be answering our topic question (Is water a super hero?) in the form of a balanced argument. 

In our Grammar learning, we will learn how to turn root words into nouns, how to identify conjunctions and clauses in sentences, re-visit our learning about using apostrophes for possession and how to identify and use modal verbs. 




Our year 5 spelling rules this term will teach us about words that are homophones or near homophones, challenge words and finally revision of our year 5 spelling rules so far. 


In Reading, we will be using our class text ‘White Dolphin’ to continue to develop our inference, prediction, retrieval and vocabulary in context skills. We will also be exploring the genre of ‘Play Scripts’, which will also help us have a deeper understanding of the play we will be performing.



We love maths in Year 5. Our Summer term begins with a focus on perimeter and area. We will calculate the perimeter of a range of shapes including rectangles, rectilinear shapes and different polygons. Afterwards we will focus on area of rectangles and compound shapes.  

Our next focus will be on statistics – allowing us to work with varying tables, charts and graphs.  

Shape will be the next focus. We will classify, estimate and measure angles up to 180 degrees and work on drawing lines and angles accurately. Problem solving will allow us to find the angle size in a range of shapes.  

Our final topic in Summer 1 will focus on position and direction. We will read, plot and solve problems with co-ordinates.  

Arithmetic will be a focus throughout all our learning. 

During Summer 2 we will begin our work on translation, lines of symmetry and reflection. Afterwards, we understand, count and compare negative numbers. Converting units is the next topic where we will work with a range of units including kilograms and millimetres.  Our final topic focuses on volume and capacity. 



We will continue with our ‘Circle of Life’ topic during Summer 1. Our learning will focus around the life cycles of birds and what makes a successful life cycle. We will consider how humans help endangered animals to complete their life cycle and finally we will learn how animals reproduce. 

Our second topic is ‘Reproduction in plants and animals.’ We will answer questions such as: 

How do flowering plants reproduce? 

Are all flowers on all plants the same? 

How does the human life cycle compare with that of other mammals? 

How do girls become women and how do boys become men? 

Marvellous Mixtures is our final science topic. We will investigate how we separate mixture, discover what happens when we mix a solid and a liquid, consider how we can affect the dissolving time of sugar and salt and finally investigate how we can get drinkable water from seawater! I’m sure we will all enjoy this. 






In computing, we will be continuing our physical computing learning, making us of ‘Crumble’ to program outputs using coding.



In art, we will be learning about the works of Alfred Wallace and producing sketches with an ocean-inspired theme. We will then be creating our artwork using 4 different medium: shading, water colours, pencils and oil pastels.




Year 5 will be learning about different global foods to gain the knowledge needed for a healthy diet. We will explore typical diets from certain world regions and what common ingredients are grown their.  We will complete this learning by following a recipe to cook a meal using ingredients found in a certain region.




In RE, year 5 will be revisiting our knowledge of how different religions worship, and the important places they may use to do this. We will focus on the beliefs and practices of Muslim and Hindu people. In the second half-term, we will be learning about specific religious architecture from around the world and how these support people’s spiritual lives. We will also learn about the role ‘charity’ plays in different religions. 




Is water a super hero?  

Our geography learning will be led by our intriguing topic question. We will begin by recapping previous learning and consider how it links to our new topic.  

We will consider the importance of water for all life and how water sources can be both human and physical features. We will use digital mapping and ordnance survey maps to locate sources of water in the East Midlands and we will learn about the stages of the water cycle.  

Later we will focus on rivers and know that rivers flow into the sea at the coast. We will find out about the causes of Tsunamis and know the effect of flooding caused by water. We will use maps and eight points of the compass to identify the sites of tsunamis and floods and finally compare and contrast human uses of water. 

As always we will answer our topic question – sharing our thoughts and opinions on all we have learned.  




P.E will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday this term.

We will be working on Games and Athletics skills with Mr Saleh.


Children need to come in their P.E kits and ensure they are dressed appropriately for the changing weather, as we will be outside. (Weather permitting.)





In RSHE this term, Year 5 will be developing their understanding of our curriculum driver ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’ by learning about valuing ourselves; drugs, alcohol and tobacco; keeping well and the negative impact of spending too much time using technology. In the second half-term we will be undertaking our SRE learning about puberty and the human reproductive cycle. We will also learn about the negative impact of stereotypes and discrimination. 




Summer 1 will see year 5 being inspired by the song ‘Dancing In The Street by Martha And The Vandellas’ to appraise and perform. We will also explore I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) sung by The Four Tops; I Heard It Through The Grapevine sung by Marvin Gaye; Ain’t No Mountain High Enough sung by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell; You Are The Sunshine Of My Life sung by Stevie Wonder and The Tracks Of My Tears sung by Smokey Robinson And The Miracles. 
We will also be applying our singing and music learning to our Year 5 production! 




‘The return of Spring’ is our focus for Summer 1. Our French learning will be based around the four seasons and linking the months to the seasons. We will explore nouns and verbs and consider weather related words.  

‘Beach scene’ during Summer 2 will allow us to revisit familiar nouns and verb phrases. The end product will be to write a poem about a perfect day at the beach.  




Weekly homework and spellings will always be on Seesaw.

Important dates

PE is every Tuesday and Wednesday this Term (both outside)

Please can children come to school in their PE kit- a plain white or red t-shirt and black joggers or shorts. Please make sure children can remove their own earrings and hair is tied up. 

Every Friday – Reading Record check and homework check.

Every Friday – Spelling test.

Every Friday- Homework is set and the previous week due.


Please can you encourage your child to practise their spellings, complete their homework and read at least 3 times a week in line with our home/school agreement.                      





School Awards