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Following on from the latest school closure news we have held a meeting. An email update will be sent out shortly. Thank you for your continued support.

Lions Y6


Welcome to Lions' Class Page! We hope that you enjoy reading about all the exciting things that we have planned fro the Autumn term!

The year 6 teachers in Lions are Mrs Hamilton and Miss Speelman. Ms Hamilton will be in class on Monday and Tuesday and Miss Speelman will be in class from Wednesday to Friday.  We will be supported by Mr Dobb.



is the focus for our exciting topic this term.  The children in year 6 will be investigating crime and punishment through history with the aim of answering the question...

As part of this fascinating topic the children will take a journey through the past, re-visiting eras which they have previously studied.

We will travel as far back as the Romans to discover why punishments were different dependent upon how important you were!

Anglo-Saxon and Viking culture will be the next to be unpicked - Why did they move to compensation for Punishment? Was it effective?

The Medieval, Tudor and Victorian periods will also be investigated.  The children will discover more about punishments such as execution. They will learn about gory trial by ordeals.  Additionally, smuggling and highwaymen will be studied.

This is such an exciting and interesting topic with lots and lots of things to learn!

To link our topic to our PSHE, we will receive a virtual visit from Nottinghamshire County Police Superintendent Broadhead, who will talk to the children about crime and punishment today and answer any questions that the children may have.



Our writing will be heavily influenced by our engaging topic. We will be putting into practice all our new SPAG learning to create some fascinating pieces including, letters, poems and information texts.



As we are in year 6, we will be covering a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  The children will be utilising skills of retrieval, inference and prediction, with a huge focus on vocabulary.

To complement our topic, we will be reading the book 'Holes' by Louis Sachar.

This wonderful novel focuses on the life of an unlucky young boy sent to a juvenille detention centre in the desert.



Year 6 is a busy maths year at Primary School! We will begin the year by focusing on place value to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of number.  The four operations will follow, ensuring all children have developed key skills for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Finally, we will move onto fractions - learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.



E-safety will feature heavily throughout the term.  We will focus on online relationships and self-image and identity.  Following on from this, we will be continuing with our year 5 coding work, programming and debugging.


Art and DT

In art, graffiti will be our focus, looking at the work of Banksy and debating its place in our modern society.



We are very lucky to have Bible Explorers back in year 6 this year.  We are very excited to learn more through the stories and using our hand signals.



For the first part of the term we will be learning the rules and skills required for handball from the lovely sports coach Heather.  Towards the end of the term, we will be attending the Rebecca Addlington Centre for swimming lessons.



In science, our circulatory system will form the basis of our learning.  Discovering more about our heart, lungs and blood.

Homework and Spellings

Weekly homework and spellings will always been on Seesaw.

Please can you encourage your child to practise their spellings, complete their homework and read at least 3 times a week in line with our home/school agreement.


Finally, if you do wish to speak with your child's class teacher feel free to email them on


Thank you for your continued support!

Team Lions!





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