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Welcome back everyone! It is so lovely to see all our children and parents!

Manta Rays Y1

Manta Rays' Staff.




   Mrs Cheetham           Mrs Smith 


Welcome to Team Manta Rays.

The Teachers working in Manta Rays are: Mrs Cheetham, who will be in class for 3.5 days and Mrs Smith who is in class for 1.5 days each week.



                   Teaching Assistant.            


                                                      Mrs Brewer


Manta Rays also have the super Mrs Brewer working with us as our Teaching Assistant.


                    Let's go Team Manta Rays!




General Information.


Doors open 8:40 to 8:50 in the morning.

School finishes at 3:10 pm.

Book bags, Reading Records and water bottles to be sent into school each morning and they will be sent home each night.

PE will take place on a Tuesday, all children to wear a weather appropriate PE kit to school on Tuesdays as PE will be outside.

Star Stamps will be given for Phonics quiz results, reading at home and for lots of other achievements throughout the day.


Our Topic Theme


During the Autumn Term, in our Geography and Topic lessons, we will be exploring the topic question of:


 Would You Rather Live In Mansfield or Antarctica?

To help us decide the answer to this question, Manta Rays will be learning to find Mansfield and Antarctica on a map, looking at the physical and human features of both places, recording the weather and deciding which clothing is best to wear for the weather, thinking about food, shops and how different it might be living in Antarctica and Mansfield, also we will be exploring which animals live in Mansfield and Antarctica.

We will be visiting Mansfield town as part of our discoveries, will we see any Polar Bears there?







When writing in Year One, we start to learn lots of different writing techniques to help us write. Manta Rays will be starting to use Rainbow Grammar to help us form a range of simple, compound and complex sentences.

To help us write a character description, a narrative and a poem we will be reading and internalising stories such as:


Where The Wild Things Are        


Can't You Sleep Little Bear?





We will also be reading lots of Winter Poems to help us write our own Wintry Poem.







Maths lessons during the first half term will have the focus of Place Value within 10 and Manta Rays will be learning how to count, order, represent and understand numbers and their value, before moving on to adding and subtracting numbers  up to 10 in a variety of ways. We will be using part, part whole, bar models and pictorial representations to help us understand number.



During the second half term, we move on to place value within 20 and we also learn all about Geometry with 2d and 3 shapes.



Super Science lessons are all about:

Using Our Senses


Manta Rays will be exploring what our senses are and how we use each of the senses.

During our lessons we will taste foods to see which we like or dislike, listen to noises, explore how things feel when we touch them, decide which smells are nice or not nice, and learn how our senses help us in different environments.




Looking At Animals


Our Science focus for Looking At Animals will be to see who is who in the animal world, discuss how animal bodies are different and looking closely at birds and fish to see if they have fingers and find out how they move.     



Art and D.T.



Exploring colour, pattern and texture is what we will be doing in our Art lessons. We will do this by mixing colours together, making our own shades of colours and creating a 3 dimensional picture with a background and a foreground.






We will be designing and making a toy with a wind up mechanism during our DT lessons, this toy will have a special  mission as it will help rescue a certain someone who has gotten himself stuck up a chimney.



E safety is a top priority and Manta Rays will be learning how to keep themselves safe when using a computer or electronic device. We will learn how to log in and log out of websites, how to create pictures and documents and how to save these to work on at a later date.

Religious Education.


Our R.E lessons give Manta Rays the opportunity to explore religions and begin to understand what objects and symbols are used for the festivals, experiences and emotions of the religions and its people. We will look at who celebrates what and why around the festivals of Hannukah, Diwali and Christmas.








Team Manta Ray will learn all about what makes a healthy and happy friendship in our R.S.H.E lessons. We will embrace diversity and recognise the ways in which we are all different and understand what it is to be respectful, kind and use strategies to promote inclusion and kindness.




Music in the Autumn Term is a time for the children to begin to find the pulse of a song and understand it is the songs heartbeat. We will do this using our voices and become familiar with a glockenspiel, so we can play a middle C as part of a musical performance.




Manta Rays will also learn to sing and rap part of a song and understand that pitch is both high and low sounds.




Physical Education


PE will take place on Tuesdays.

Football / Multi Skills will be outside.

Please can children wear weather appropriate PE kit to school on Tuesdays. We are incredibly lucky to have coaches who teach us a variety of sports in Year One and we will be active throughout the week too.


School Awards