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Meerkats Y4


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We are the Marvellous Meerkats.

We work hard and always try our best.

Meerkats are great friends and work well as a team.


Mrs McArdle        Miss McBride

Mrs McArdle works Monday - Wednesday

Miss McBride works Wednesday - Friday

Our wonderful TA's are Mrs Brewer and Mrs Hawkins


In the Autumn Term, our learning will explore the question:


What did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?



Our English work will initially be based around the book 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo. We will use ‘Talk for Writing’ to help us write our own narrative pieces building upon our descriptive writing skills from Year 3.
During the second half term, we will focus on non-fiction texts. We will begin by writing our own instructions aiming to write concisely to instruct the reader. Then, we will undertake our own reading and research in order to write a Non-Chronological report that aims to both inform the reader and also answer our topic question.



Our class book will be The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

In our Grammar learning this term, we will continue to use ‘Rainbow Grammar’ to help us construct effective simple, compound and complex sentences. We will develop our understanding of fronted adverbials and explore how these differ from subordinate clauses.
In Spelling, we will learn about the prefixes im, il, ir, sub and super followed by the suffixes sion, ssion, tion, cian and words containing ‘sc’.




In Reading, we will begin by using ‘Kasper: Prince of cats’ by Michael Morpurgo to help us make predictions, read around a word to clarify meaning, develop our ability to skim and scan a text and to sequence events.
We will then read a range of information texts to support our writing by exploring their structural and presentational features as well as how the writer helps us learn new things about a topic.





The first half of the term focuses on developing our place value knowledge, addition and subtraction. We will work with numbers up to 10,000 - linking our place value knowledge with supporting our adding and subtracting strategies. During the second half term, we will learn about area and multiplication and division strategies. It is essential during year 4 we can recall quickly the times-tables up to 12’s and we will take part in the national Multiplication Tables Check assessment in the Summer Term.





In Science, our first topic is called ‘Where does all the food go?’ which explores the human digestive system and the role our teeth play in this. We will also revisit our previous learning about healthy diets. Following this, we will explore different leaves and will revisit this at different points in the year making observations and comparisons. Our next science topic is called ‘Good Vibrations’ and will help us learn about different properties of sound and how vibrations contribute to these.





Our RSHE learning will continue to build on the 'Healthy and Happy Friendships' work we undertook in Year 3. We will learn about the qualities of a good friend as well as knowing strategies to solve friendship difficulties. We will learn about permission and personal boundaries and also the benefits of living in a diverse community. In SRE we will learn about ways to keep clean and not spread germs.

During the second half term, we will continue to learn about 'Similarities and Differences.' We will explore what it means to be British and how stereotyping can have negative consequences. We will learn about how people can make judgements and also how to act in an inclusive manner.

Our SRE learning will be about the significance of permission when sharing things online.

In both half terms, we will complete lessons on e-safety and anti-bullying.



In Geography, we will recap our prior learning about the 7 continents and the Equator before moving on to locating the country of Egypt and learning some key physical and human features of this location.



After learning about the first humans and the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages in Year 3, this year we will learn about the significant civilisation of the Ancient Egyptians. We well learn about elements of their lives including beliefs and gods and goddesses, mummification, hieroglyphics and building achievements as well as key figures such as Tutankhamun.


Art / DT

Our Art work will be inspired by our Ancient Egypt learning. We will learn how to sketch a side profile before using pastels to embellish this. We will then combine digital media with our artwork to create the image of an Egyptian headdress.



Our computing work will, as always, involve work around E-Safety and knowing how to stay safe online. Our main focus will be using the ‘Adobe Spark Video App’ with a focus on creating a multimedia presentation following a set criteria that links to our ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ learning in our Writing lessons. 



Our first French topic is ‘All aboard’ where we will learn about weather phrases, days of the week, modes of transport and how to use the connecter ‘et’. In the second half term our topic is called ‘Pocket money’ and we will learn numbers up to 30, how to say we like or do not like something and deepen our knowledge of different nouns. We will also learn how the English determiner ‘a’ is replaced by ‘un’ or ‘une’.




During this term, our RE learning will explore the theme of ‘The journey of life and death’. We will explore key life events such as birth, marriages and deaths and the views of this in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam as well as non-religious views.



Our music themes are 'Mamma Mia!' and 'Glockenspiel Stage 2' 

In ‘Mamma Mia!’ we will explore the style indicators and find the pulse in some of Abba’s most famous songs. We will then perform using singing, body percussion and musical instruments. In 'Glockenspiel Stage 2’ we will build on our learning from Year 3 in order to play a wider range of notes and create our own composition.



In Meerkats class, our PE days in the Autumn Term will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will be working with Mr Saleh.



Homework will be set every Friday through our remote learning platform - SeeSaw.

We also ask for your support with reading at home, spelling practice and times tables rehearsal.




We have a busy and fun term planned. Please come and ask us any questions you might have. If you can't see us please  send a message and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 


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Miss McBride:

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