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Pandas Y3



We are the perfect, proud Pandas! We try to have a growth mindset and always try our best in everything we put our minds too!  We love being Pandas because they are all unique and are admired for their positive energy. Their calm determination allows them to understand it takes times to reach your goals and we try to remember this when we are faced with challenges in our learning.


Our teacher is Miss Kennedy and we are extremely lucky this year to have Mrs Metcalfe, Mrs Hollywood and Miss Watson as our amazing teaching assistants. We are all incredibly excited to be teaching Y3 this year!



      Miss Kennedy       Mrs Metcalfe         Mrs Hollywood          Miss Watson





Our Summer term topic is:

Were there woolly mammoths in Mansfield?



This Summer Term, our work will mainly be History based and centre around the question ‘Were there woolly mammoths in Mansfield?’. We will be finding out about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron age. Children will learn about how life, utensils and farming developed during each of the time periods.




Our writing will be focused around our exciting and engaging topic. We will begin by understanding the present perfect tense by using ‘has’ and ‘have’ to change past tense sentences into present perfect sentences. We will recap our learning on adverbials of time, place and cause and Rainbow Grammar sentence types alongside understanding how to effectively use paragraphs by grouping similar ideas together. We will practise these skills by creating some fascinating pieces including instructions based on the text ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ and a non-chronological report based on a woolly mammoth. In Summer 2, pupils will write a narrative based on the text ‘Stone Age Boy’ and finish the term writing a letter to their Year 4 teacher.




In Pandas Class, we love to encourage a love of reading. Each week, we will have a reading session where we will develop our reading and comprehension skills. We will explore texts based on myths and legends to retell the main points of a myth in order; draw inferences such as character’s feelings and motives and give an opinion of a mora dilemma. Building on our learning during Spring Term, we will explore non-fiction texts and be able to use familiar non-fiction text features to independently help us navigate through a text. We will learn to distinguish between simple statements of fact and opinions and identify the ways in which language and structure contribute to meaning.




This Summer Term we will begin by learning about fractions. We will build on our knowledge from previous years before moving onto recognising halves, quarters and thirds of shapes, objects and quantities. During the end of the first half term, we will develop our knowledge of time by having the opportunity to create times using individual clocks with moveable hands. Children will learn to identify the time to the hour, half past, quarter to and quarter past and they will be able to tell the time to the nearest five minutes on an analogue clock. By the end of the topic, we will learn about years and months and Roman numerals to 10.


During Summer 2, we will learn about the properties of shapes by recognising and describing 2-D and 3-D shapes. Pupils will also learn about what an angle is; vertical and horizontal lines linking to symmetry and identify parallel and perpendicular lines. To finish the term, we will move onto mass and capacity. We will measure mass in g and kg, capacity in ml and l and temperature in Degrees Celsius. Throughout the topic, we will add and subtract mass and capacity to compare different objects and liquids.





In Science, our topic is called ‘How do gardens grow?’. We will revise the main parts of a plant and learn about the parts of a flower; their roles in reproduction and stages in the life cycle of a flowering plant. We will investigate what is needed for healthy growth.




After half term, we will be exploring light and shadows by investigating how objects reflect different amounts of light and what effects the shape and size of a shadow. We will use this knowledge to think about how we can stay safe at night.




Art and DT

We are extremely excited to be creative in Art and DT. We will start by designing and creating stone age necklaces using clay. During the second half term, we will produce a piece of cave art using pastels and charcoal.



Excitingly, our computing lessons link to our topic title and also our trip to Creswell Crags. We will begin by using Scratch to create a program using a design. We will then move onto creating a video by sequencing clips of mixed media in a timeline from our trip and recording a voiceover.




We are lucky to have 2 PE lessons a week with two fantastic coaches. On Mondays, we will be developing our athletic skills by performing running, jumping and throwing with some accuracy.  We will learn to evaluate and recognise our own success with each skill. On Thursdays, we will be focusing on dance by beginning to improvise independently and with a partner to create simple dances. We will learn how to link skills to make actions and sequences of movement.




In Summer 1, we will be focusing on Judaism. We will learn key Jewish beliefs including their belief in one God, the importance of Moses, the 10 commandments and we will understand why Moses is an important figure in Judaism. During Summer 2, children will learn about important people such as the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus.




The focus of our RSHE lessons is ‘Healthy Bodies and Happy Minds’. We will learn about the importance of good quality sleep, healthy eating and good personal hygiene. We will move onto looking at ‘Equality and Inclusion’ by learning how to treat others with respect and understanding that we deserve respect in return. This will link to our topic on ‘Anti-Bullying’ at the end of Summer 1 where we will recap what bullying is and learn about consequences to negative behaviour choices. In Summer 2, we will learn about how to cope with change by discussing feelings and we will learn about ways to help ourselves feel happier and more positive when experiencing change. To end our term, children will have the opportunity to discuss any questions and worries they may have about moving on to Year 4.




We are following the Charanga scheme for our music lessons. During the first half term, we will have a Disco focus and we will learn and perform the song ‘Bringing Us Together’. Throughout our music lessons we will create rhythmic and melodic patterns using the glockenspiel. During Summer 2, we will move onto focusing on Classical Music. We will consolidate learning throughout the year by recapping songs we have previously practised. Children will learn about the history of music and listen to some western classical music and learn about famous composers.




During our ‘The Four Friends’ topic, we will learn how to talk about animals and describe their colour and movement. We will be able to hold discussions about traditional stories and fairy tales knowing the French for well-known characters. In Summer 2, we will focus on foods that we like and do not like by knowing the names of some vegetables and the key phrases j’aime” and “je n’aime pas” for like and dislike.





Weekly homework and spellings will always be on Seesaw. Children will be assigned weekly spellings on EdShed. We would be grateful if you could encourage your child to practise their spellings, complete their homework and read at least 3 times a week in line with our home/school agreement.

Important dates

Mondays and Thursdays - PE. Monday is outdoors and Thursday is in indoors.

Please can children come to school in appropriate clothing on these days. Please make sure earrings have been taken out before school as we cannot take them out for them and hair is tied up.


Thursdays – Times table test

Fridays – Spelling test, Reading Record check and homework check.

Monday 18th April 2022 – Bank Holiday Monday

Monday 2nd May 2022 – Bank Holiday Monday

TBC - Creswell Crags trip

School Awards