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Penguins Y2

 Welcome to the





Our Teachers are 

Mrs Campbell-Short  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Mrs Spray (Friday)



Our Teaching Assistants are

Mrs Martin and Mrs Revill

Key information

*Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and will need to be handed back in on the following Tuesday.

*PE this half term is football with Mr Saleh every Thursday. Your child needs a full outdoor PE kit ready for the session. 

*Every Monday afternoon is a parents reading session where you have the opportunity to come into school and read with your child. Door's open at 3.00pm. 

*Your child will have a weekly spelling test every Friday. They will be tested on a selection of words they have been learning how to spell during spelling sessions throughout the week. Please support your child in practicing these at home, it really does make all the difference. 

Our Topic Question for the Autumn Term is...

Would you rather live in Mansfield or Mombasa?


In English, we will be reading lots of great stories. Reading is fun, relaxing, inspiring and very important!




Talk for Writing will help us to produce some fantastic writing this term.

We are going to using some really interesting stories to help inspire our writing. We will be focussing on letter and postcard writing, non-fiction information texts, character descriptions and poetry.



We will also be building different sentence types in our 'Rainbow Grammar' work and focusing on letter and number formation in daily handwriting.



In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction, money, and multiplication and division.



Our topics in Science this term are:


*Take Care

*Our Changing World- Seasons

*Growing Up






We will also be building sentences with a subject, predicate and closing punctuation in our 'Rainbow Grammar' work and focusing on letter and number formation in daily handwriting.

Our Rainbow Grammar work will focus on using simple, compound and complex sentences, questions, statements and exclamations; as well as identifying word classes and of course spelling!


Through our topic work we will be aiming to answer our topic question...


Would you rather live in Mansfield or Mombasa?





Our learning this term has a strong focus on the geogrpahy of each location. We are going to use our atlas and map skills to locate the different locations. We will compare and contrast the two locations and discover what it is really like there. We will take part in some fieldwork in Mansfield to discover what phyiscal features we can find and then use Google Earth to compare them to the physical features in Mombasa. In addition to this, we will reinforce our knowledge of naming and locating the continents, oceans, seas and equator.




Art and D.T


In art, we are taking inspiration from our topic question and we are focussing on the beautiful art work from Africa. 

We are going to look at, discuss and recreate our very own african patterns to make a tile that we will print. We will display our artwork around school!




In D&T, we are going to look at the work of Gunta Stolz, a famous textile artist who created artwork by weaving. We are going to have a go at completing some african weaving. 



Our topic work this term is going to be fun, lively and informative!

Please ask your children everyday about their fantastic learning!


Our Computing work will, as always, involves work around E-Safety and knowing how to stay safe online. Our main focus will be learning how to use the computer to support our daily work and using Purple Mash (coding and spreadsheets).



Remember to read every night and get your diary signed - you will earn a star stamp each time!

We read everyday in school so you will need your reading book and reading diary with you every day.

Also, have a go at reading a book using your BUG CLUB account!

Our school code is sj96





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