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Easter holidays start on Friday 2nd April. Back to school on Monday 19th April :) Please adhere to the governments Covid restrictions and guidance to help us minimise the spread of the virus in school - thank you

Penny Jar Challenge

Penny Jar Challenge


This year Friends of Crescent Primary are introducing a new challenge for all classes called the Penny Jar Challenge. Each class will be given a big bottle with their class name on. This is for children to fill up with pennies throughout the year! If you have small change lying around pass it to your child and they can put it in the bottle during the school day. Please Note: We will not be accepting £1 and £2 coins. Please only send 1p,2p,5p,10p,20p and 50p’s.

Towards the end of the school year the money will be counted up and the class who has raised the most will be given the choice of a surprise treat. Friends of Crescent Primary will be keeping you and your children informed of which class is in the lead. All money raised will be put towards Friends of Crescent target for the year.

Penny Jar Challenge

Have a look at the table below to see how much your class has raised so far:

(Please Note: This table is as of 25.09.19)

Class Name:

Amount Raised so far:

Polar Bears (Part time Nursery)


Foxes (F2)


Hedgehogs (F2)


Butterflies (Y1)


Zebras (Y1)


Lions (Y2)


Penguins (Y2)


Toucans (Y3)


Monkeys (Y3)


Leopards (Y4)


Meerkats (Y4)


Panthers (Y5)


Giraffes (Y5)


Pelicans (Y6)


Tigers (Y6)



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