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Polar Bears F1 (Nursery)


During this time, we will be posting all activities on 



Every morning, I will post a video showing our morning routine!  It's fun, have a look at Mrs Smith by video!


A big thank you to everyone who has supported their children over the last 4 weeks with home learning!

You are amazing! 

Don't forget the competition!


Who can post the most Tapestry activities?

Winners will be announced on Friday 8th May!

Our first winner is?...

Jorgie Evans



Below are the topics we are going to be focusing on during the Summer Term.  Obviously, they will be subject to change due to the current situation.  I have left the majority of things in so you can see everything we would be doing, if we were in school.  You can continue all the amazing things your children have made so much progress with over the year. 

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F1 (Nursery)



We are the perfect, playful Polar Bears and we try our best in everything we do! Our class teacher is Mrs Smith and Mrs Senior and Miss Burton are the teaching assistants.  If you have any questions, pop in and catch one of us! 


Our topics this Summer term are:

Growing in the Environment

The Seaside and the Ocean




 During the first half term, we will be thinking about stories that feature growing, e.g. Jack and the Beanstalk We will learn facts about the environment and how things grow.    In the second half term, we will be looking at stories that feature the seaside and the ocean e.g The Greedy Seagul.  


Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.



Communication and Language

We will rehearse and speak in front of others, asking questions and sharing our own knowledge and ideas. We will also be talking about, justifying our opinions, and listening to the opinions of others.



Physical Development

This term we will be practicing a variety of different skills for example throwing, catching, kicking and balancing. The children will be taking part in multi skills with Mr Richards. In addition to this, we will be using our outdoor area to climb and balance, and learn how to travel safely avoiding obstacles. We will also carry out many different motor skill activities including, threading, using tweezers and cutting out shapes.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be working collaboratively with others to solve problems and share ideas. We will reinforce the golden rules and will be working hard to follow the rules as a class, showing care and concern for others. We will also learn about the cultures and beliefs of others.




We will be looking in depth at our shared stories and try to learn them so everyone can join in. We will use non-fiction books and the internet to find out information.




We will continue to practice our counting skills. We will be practising our counting skills in many different ways and making sets of numbers using different equipment. We will be participating in shape, space and measures activities, including looking at 2D shapes.  



Understanding of the World

 In the first part of the term, we will be looking at the environment, especially how things grow.    In the second half term, we will be learning about the seaside and the ocean. We hope to celebrate a seaside day at school! Watch this space!




Expressive and Creative Development

Over the term, we will take part in lots of different creative activities. We will be having lots of fun painting, modelling, sticking and creating and generally getting messy. We will take part in role play to act out things we learn and we will learn different songs and add instruments to them.


As you can see, we have a busy term ahead of us in Polar Bears. Thank you for all the support you have shown and all the hard work that has gone into home learning with your child! Please keep reading at home.  Share a book together, this is so important to create a love for reading.

Thank you to everyone who supports reading every week coming into school on a Friday!  You are brilliant!


     Thank you for your help and support!

Remember that the door is always open and if you ever have any questions, worries or concerns please feel free to catch a member of the team or your key worker to discuss any issues. If it is not appropriate to talk at the time, we will arrange a time and date to chat at a more convenient time.


If you have a spare hour to come into Polar Bears to help!  We would love to see you!







P.E. is every Tuesday. Please make sure that jewellery is taken off.


Please make sure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is named!.



Please see all clothing is named!

Thank you