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Easter break - Monday 3rd April - Friday 14th April. Back to school on Monday 17th April.

Robins - Reception


To Robins!



We are the rocking Robins and we try our best in everything we do! Our class teacher is  Mrs Campbell-Short and our teaching assistant is Miss Fox.




Our topic this Spring term is:


We’re Going on an Adventure


Our topic this term is called ‘We’re going on an adventure’. As part of this topic we are going to go on a walk to discover our local area. We will be going on a trip to Sherwood Pines.

We shall Visit the local church for Easter and learn about the celebrations of Chinese New Year and Holi

Please note that our learning is also guided by the child's interests, so we may not always stick to plan! We have a busy, fun filled learning adventure ahead!



 Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.



Communication and Language


This term, and throughout the year, there will be a huge focus on communication and language. We will be sharing lots of wonderful books together, both fiction and non-fiction, to practice our listening, comprehension, and questioning skills. We will sing along with nursery rhymes, enjoy imaginary play in continuous provision, and share our own knowledge and experiences with our peers.




Physical Development


This term we will be practicing a variety of skills, for example mark making, threading and cutting, to develop our fine motor skills.

We will also take part in a weekly PE lesson to develop our gross motor skills, including balancing, coordination and travelling in different ways.

We will be working with coach Lauren and to improve our dance skills.





Personal, Social and Emotional Development



We will continue to think about our actions and how to be good friends to everyone in the class. We will think about what actions are good and which actions we need to improve on. We will begin to think about our feelings and try to understand how we are feeling, and how we might make another person feel. We will also learn all about our Golden Rules and how to follow them inside and outside. 

We will focus on aspects of our every day life, such as getting dressed, our oral hygiene and hygiene in general.

We will also learn about the cultures and beliefs of others.






Children will continue to learn new sounds following our Super Sonic Phonic Friends scheme. We will learn to independently read and write CVC words using the sounds we know. We will use these words to write small captions, including some Tricky Words.

We will continue to become independent, confident readers using their phonetic knowledge of taught sounds and tricky words.

We will enjoy a range of topic-based fiction and non-fiction texts during story sessions. 

Our learning could be led by the children's interests, which means that some of our topics could change.









Children will continue to work on their counting skills. We will look at the numbers to 10 and think about how to represent each number and how each number is made up of smaller groups of numbers. We will begin to look at addition and find out how many we have altogether when we combine 2 groups. We will understand the one more than, one less  within numbers to 10. In addition to all of this, we will experiment with length, weight and capacity. We will begin to learn about money and identify different denominations.

We will be able to name 2d and 3d shapes and begin to sort shapes according to their properties.



Understanding of the World




The spring term, will be full of adventures!

We will use the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers to learn about the south pole and what it is like there. We will explore the changing states of water and learn why some places are colder than others. We will then compare life there to life in Africa, a hotter part of our world. We then compare how this compares to our lives in Bull Farm.

We will use maps, globes and digital resources to observe where these places are and what they are like.

We will continue our adventures more locally and will learn about the woodlands and what we would find there. We will use stories and non-fiction texts to develop our understanding of woodland plants and animals and their life cycles.

. In our Nature Detectives sessions,  we will continue to look at the world around us and how it changes as the seasons change. We will learn about winter and spring and will look for signs of it around us. 




Expressive and Creative Development




Over the term, the Children will explore colour mixing with paints and discuss the changes they see. They will use lots of different techniques to create exciting creations. We will practice drawing and creating shapes with different media

We will also share lots of songs and nursery rhymes, learning how to move rhythmically and also create our own stories using our imaginations.

We will have weekly music lessons using the Charanga music scheme and will use musical instruments to develop a rhythm and a beat. We will use props and resources to act out the story of the Gruffalo and other familiar stories.



As you can see, we have a busy term ahead of us in Robins. Thank you very much for all of your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Foundation Stage team. Please regularly check your child's Tapestry account to keep up to date with their learning and to share what they have been doing at home with us too.




     Thank you for your help and support!


If you need any support or would like to ask any questions, please speak to me at the door or contact me at:





P.E. is every Tuesday.


Children need to come to bring their PE clothes in a named bag. Your child needs a white top, blue or black shorts and some PE shoes. Please name all items. 

Please make sure long hair is tied up and no jewellery to be worn. No earrings allowed in PE sessions. If you child cannot take them out, they need to be covered with plasters. 


Please send your child to school with a bottle of water each day. 

Please can children bring book bags to school everyday. 

School Awards