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Spring Term



Our topic this term is:

Who was the greatest explorer: Neil Armstrong or Christopher Columbus?





In English we are exploring the story, Man on The Moon’ written by Simon Bartram. We are learning a diary entry written by Bob (the astronaut in our story). He tells us all about his workday. We are going to be writing about a different visit to another far away planet. We are going to be working hard on using lots of descriptive language, use first person and build up a range of sentence types including simple and complex.


We are then going to be investigating a book titled Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets. We are going to be writing instructions all about how to look after Earthlets. This book has been written by aliens and they really don’t know what humans are! We have to help them by writing these instructions. We are going to be learning about how to use fronted adverbials in our writing.


We are also going to be writing a recount using past tense to document a personal experience. We will finally explore what a traditional tale is and have a go at writing an alternative tale.






In Maths we will start the term off with multiplication and division. We will be introducing the x symbol and learning the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We will also learn to divide by 2, 5 and 10. During maths lessons we will understand the importance of making equal groups by adding and sharing. We will then focus on statistics, properties of shape and fractions. In statistics we will gather data and present it in different ways. In properties of shape we will learn different 2D and 3D shapes and how many faces, edges and vertices they have. In fractions we will focus on halves, quarters and thirds.






In Science we will be investigating different materials and their properties. We will learn that one type of object can be made from different materials and also that one material can be used for a number of different objects. We will test a range of different materials for different purposes. We will all so investigate creative and unusual uses of everyday materials and find out about John Dunlop, who invented rubber pneumatic tyres.




In our reading lessons we are going to be practising our comprehension skills by answering questions on fiction and non-fiction texts.


We are going to be reading Fantastic Mr Fox as a class and explore new vocabulary. We will then finish will exploring a range of poetry with a focus on language features and layout.





In history we are going to be identifying what is meant by being a significant person referring to Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will be exploring their early life, the moon landing, their adventures, why they are famous and any other interesting facts. We will be creating fact files and videos demonstrating our knowledge.







In Geography we will be understanding how there are 7 continents and major oceans. We will be naming and begin to locate them on a map. We will start to use directional language and use it to discuss locations and routes on a map. We will be devising a simple map using a key. 





We are going to be exploring the Jewish faith. Retelling the Jewish story of God's creation and the celebration of Shabbat and the importance of it as a way of belonging. We will learn about some ways a Rabbi teaches the community about God. We will also learn about belonging in a family, to a school and in the community and we will explore ways of belonging in Christianity. 




In Art we will be exploring sculptures. We will sculpt a model of different planets to create the solar system.

Design and Technology


In Design and Technology, we are going to research, design, build and evaluate a floating boat. We will use the skills needed to build a boat which will float and test its structure and design.








Our Music lessons are based around a song that we learn. During this time, we use our voices expressively and creatively by singing and accompany this by playing tuned instruments. We will be listening with concentration and understanding a range of high-quality live and recorded music and experiment with, create, select and combine sounds.






In RSHE lessons we will focus on caring and responsibility along with families and committed relationships. We will also look at equality and inclusion, how we are the same as and different from others. Anti-bullying and how to behave online and face to face will also be a focus.




School Awards