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Reception Nativity Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th December at 2pm

Spring Term



Our topic this term is:

Who was the greatest explorer: Neil Armstrong or Christopher Columbus?









In writing this term we will continue to use a ‘Talk for Writing’ approach in order to create our own set of instructions, alternate fairy tale, diary and recount. We will be busy exploring description of different characters and plots in order to adapt our own original work. We will use lots of fantastic texts to support our work such as ‘The Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartum and referring back to the ‘Revolting Rhyme’ which we will study in depth in reading as well.   






In Maths we will start the term off learning about money. We will understand different values of coins and notes. We will use our knowledge of addition and subtraction to be able to use money and check we have recieved the right amount of change. We will then move onto multiplication and division. We will be introducing the x symbol and learning the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We will also learn to divide by 2, 5 and 10. During maths lessons we will understand the importance of making equal groups by adding and sharing. 

We will then be exploring measurements. We will start by using non-standard units to measure before developing the understanding of using a ruler and measuring sticks to accurately measure the length and height of different objects. We will then combine our prior knowledge of comparing and ordering with our new-found knowledge of measurements. We will also look at Mass, capacity and temperature and how we can measure them.






In Science we will continue to investigate different materials and their properties. Before moving on to becoming apprentice gardeners. We will build on our knowledge of plants and how they grow. We will learn how to grow plants from bulbs and from seeds, learning the sequence of germination, and comparing and contrasting the requirements of germinating seeds with those of mature plants to maintain healthy growth.






In reading we will continue to build on our reading skills of predicting, inferring and retrieving information from the text as well as continuing to build our own understanding of key vocabulary in our wider class reading. We will be using the wonderful Roald Dahl’s collection of ‘Revolting Rhymes’ to explore some alternate fairy tales as well as another classic ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.






In history we are going to be identifying what it means to be  a significant person and referring to Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will be exploring their early lives and their later adventures. We will look at why they became famous and why they are still remembered today. We will create fact files and videos demonstrating our knowledge.









In Geography we will develop our knowledge of the 7 continents. We will learn the 5 major oceans. We will be able to name and locate them on a map. We will start to use directional language and use it to discuss locations and routes on a map. 







We are going to be exploring the Jewish faith. What Jewish people believe about God, Creation, humanity and the natural world. We will retell the Jewish story of God's creation and the celebration of Shabbat. We will also learn about what it is like to belong to Christian religion in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire today. 





In Art we will be exploring sculptures. We will sculpt a model of different planets to create the solar system.



Design and Technology


In Design and Technology, we are going to research, design, make and evaluate a  boat. We will use the skills needed to build a boat which will float and test its structure and design.








Our Music lessons are based around a song that we will learn. During this time, we use our voices expressively and creatively by singing and accompanying this by playing tuned instruments. We will be listening with concentration and understanding a range of high-quality live and recorded music and experiment with, create, select and combine sounds.







In RSHE lessons we will focus on caring and responsibility along with families and committed relationships. We will also look at equality and inclusion, how we are the same as and different from others. Anti-bullying and how to behave online and face to face will also be a focus.





School Awards