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Spring Term


Our Topic Question for the Spring Term is...

Did any good come from The Great Fire of London?

In English, we will be reading lots of great stories. Reading is fun, relaxing, inspiring and very important!

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Talk for Writing will help us to produce some fantastic writing this term We are going to be focussing on recounts (letter), setting descriptions of London, suspense narratives and information texts on The Great Fire of London.

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We will also be building different sentence types in our 'Rainbow Grammar' work and focusing on letter and number formation in daily handwriting





In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, addition & subtraction, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and measurement (height, length, weight and volume)



Our Science topic will focus on Animals (including humans), seasonal changes and working scientifically.




We will also be building sentences with a subject, predicate and closing punctuation in our  'Rainbow Grammar' work and focusing on letter and number formation in daily handwriting.

. Our Rainbow Grammar work will focus on using simple and compound sentences, questions, statements and exclamations; as well as identifying word classes and of course spelling!

Through our topic work we will be aiming to answer our topic question...


Did any good come from The Great Fire of London?

We will kickstart our learning with a theme day all about

The Plague of 1665. We will be taking part in lots of fun and informative activities to start our topic.



Our learning will then move on to work on The Great Fire of London. We will be finding out about the differences in London now and in the past. This work will link well to support our writing too! We will then research the events of the great fire itself; how it started, spread and came to an end.



Art and D.T


In art, we are focusing on the work of the famous artist,

Antony Van Dyck.  Van Dyck was most famous for his  portraits and so we will be learning how to create portraits and self portraits. We will use this knowledge to inspire our own portraits of Samuel Pepys in the style of Anytony Van Dyck.




To link to our history work we will also be creating the London skyline using a colour was background and silhouettes.


Our DT work will be based around food - baking bread in our school kitchen ( not in the bakery on Pudding Lane!) and finding out about the process of baking bread.


Finally, at the end of our topic, we will be creating London in box models to burn in our very own great fire!


Before we start the fire we are visiting Mansfield Fire Station to learn about fire safety and the work of our local firefighters!


Our Computing work will, as always, involves work around E-Safety and knowing how to stay safe online. Our main focus will be learning how to use the computer to support our daily work and using Purple Mash (Maze Explorers, Animated Stories, Coding)



Remember to read every night and get your diary signed - you will earn a star stamp each time!

We read everyday in school so you will need your reading book and reading diary with you every day.

Also, have a go at reading a book using your BUG CLUB account!

Our school code is sj96





Have you seen the kids zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!


Our trip to Mansfield Museum


Learning all about families with the Reverend Caroline

Some of our Andy Warhole designs


Our art work from The Great Fire of London Day

Our Tennis Taster Day

The Great Fire of London Re-enactment. We were visited by Partake Theatre who worked with us to create a Re-enactment of The Great Fire of London.