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Reception Nativity Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th December at 2pm

Summer Term

Our topic this term focuses on the question...


Where does my food come from?


This term, we are really looking forward to start this geography-based topic where we will be investigating where food comes from, where and how it is grown locally and how we get food from further afield. We will also be looking at how some food undertake a process in order for them to be eaten. We can’t wait to go on our farm trip to see how food is grown, processed and delivered to our tables at home.





Maths lessons during the Summer term will continue to focus on place value within numbers up to 100. We will be partitioning numbers using a range of representations and the relationships between each number to create addition and subtraction number facts. We will also be focusing on measurement including length, height, weight, capacity and volume; becoming familiar with measuring in both non-standard units, centimetres and metres. We will also be introducing the children to multiplication and division by counting in 2,5 and 10. In the second half of the summer term, we will be looking at fractions such as half and quarters, the value of money and learning how to tell the time to the hour, half hour and minute. What a busy term!



In Year One, we will be learning lots of different writing techniques to help us write. Manta Rays will be continuing to use Rainbow Grammar to help us form a range of simple, compound and complex sentences.

To help us write a range of written work we will be reading and writing a story about:


    The Tiger Who Came To Tea.



As well as writing a story about the Tiger Who Came To Tea, Turtles will also be writing a Recipe for Tiger Food, Food Poems, a Recount of our trip to a farm, Leaflets about animals and a Letter .


This term, Turtles will to create their own piece of artwork inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. After researching his pieces of artwork, we will be creating large scale art using fruit and vegetables, create an interactive version online, practise our sketching skills before perfecting our final piece.



In our Science learning, Turtles are becoming plant detectives!



We will be exploring what plants are ,label their key features and their functions. We will be noting how and where they grow and how plants and trees can change over time. We will be investigating out school to identify the differences between garden plants and wild plants.  


E safety is a top priority and Turtles will be learning how to keep themselves safe when using a computer or electronic device. We will learn how to log in and log out of websites, how to create pictures and documents and how to save these to work on at a later date. We will be using Scratch to help us understand algorithms and create our own games to play.



In our RE learning, Turtles will have the opportunity to explore religions and begin to understand, "Symbols in Religious Worship" and how this impacts on both the Christian and Jewish community. We will be investigating artefacts founds in churches and synagogues.During the second half of the Summer term we will learn what Jews believe and their teachings. We will also be exploring how and why Jews celebrate Shabbat.  




In our RSHE lessons Turtles have a safe space to explore their feelings and learn strategies to help understand and regulate our emotions better. We will embrace diversity and recognise the ways in which we are all different and understand what it is to be respectful, kind and use strategies to promote inclusion and kindness.




Music in the Summer Term is a time for the children to recognise the pulse of a song and understand it is the songs heartbeat. We will be using our voices, glockenspiels and recorders to develop our understanding of music.


PE lessons will either be outside or in the hall on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please can children wear weather appropriate PE kit to school on PE days.

 We are incredibly lucky to have coaches who teach us a variety of sports in Year One and we will be active throughout the week too.



School Awards