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Applying for a part-time (nursery/ F1) school place

The school has a thirty nine place Foundation Unit and children attend for half day sessions, 15 hours per week (3 hrs each morning) . Children are admitted into the Foundation Nursery the term after they are aged 3 in September (Autumn Term), January (Spring Term) and April (Summer Term).

It is an expectation of the school that children will be fully toilet trained by the time they start in the Foundation Unit.

Parents who have registered their child(ren) for a part-time nursery place are contacted the term before they are due to start in the Foundation Unit and arrangements made for their child to attend induction sessions.   All sessions are held in schools Foundation Stage Unit. 

Parents/carers wishing to register their child may do so from 6 months' old by putting their child(ren) on the waiting list.  Please contact school direct on 01623 468558 or alternatively parents/carers are welcome to call in at the school office to register their child for a part-time nursery place.   Parents/carers will be asked to complete an Application Form and will be given the admission criteria for the part-time Foundation Unit, a Foundation Booklet outlining the term their child will start, session times and things your child can work on before starting in the Foundation Unit.   


School's Foundation Booklet including Admission Criteria can be accessed below the Documents section below.

Even though the child may attend Crescent Primary School’s Foundation unit (F1), parents still have to apply for a full time place in school.  We currently have a planned admission number (PAN) of 60 places.  If parents live in Nottinghamshire, they must apply for a school place through Nottinghamshire County Council.  A letter will be sent from the LA (Local Authority) with details on how to apply and deadlines etc. Parents may choose any school for a full time place but standard admission criteria as above will be applied.
All Nottinghamshire schools now admit pupils at one point of entry.  Children will be admitted to full-time school in the September following their fourth birthday.  Some parents may wish to defer the start of full-time education until compulsory school age.  Parents/carers should discuss this option with the Headteacher of your preferred school or the School Admissions Team.

Parents who are considering sending their child to this school are welcome to visit by arranging a time with the Headteacher.


Special Circumstances
The following groups of children will be given special consideration in their application for a particular school:
Children whose particular medical needs, mobility support needs, special educational needs or social circumstances are supported by written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other relevant professional stating that the school is the only school which could cater for the child’s particular needs. The evidence must be presented at the time of application.
The Headteacher will consider each case on its merits and determine the allocation of any such place on the basis of the written evidence. Admission under ‘special circumstances’ will take precedence over all but the first of the numbered criteria.
Over subscription
In the event of oversubscription, the following criteria will be applied, in priority order, to determine which applications will be granted places:

  1.  Children looked after by a local authority and previously looked after children.
  2.  Children who live in the catchment area at the closing date for applications and who, at the time of admission, will have a brother or sister attending the school.
  3. Other children who live in the catchment area at the closing date for applications.
  4. Other children who live outside the catchment area.

Preference will be given to children who live nearest to the school as the crow flies. Distances are measured from the entrance to the child’s home to the school’s main entrance.

For our LA admission details see link below.  Tel. 0300 500 8080


30 Hours Funding for 3 & 4 year olds


Currently all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours a week of free childcare, from September 2017 this doubles to 30 hours a week.


School is unable to offer the 30 hours at the moment.


Do you qualify?

Parents of 3 and 4 year olds need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for 30 hours free childcare.

  • They each earn 16 hours a week at National Minimum or Living Wage.
  • This equates to £120 a week or £6,000 each for each parents over 25 years old.
  • For parents between 21 and 24 years old this equates to £112.80 a week or £5,800 a year for each parent.
  • This applies whether you are in paid employment, self-employed or on a zero hour’s contract.
  • The parents (and partner where applicable) should be seeking the free childcare to enable them to work.
  • Where one or both parents are on maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption leave or statutory sick leave.
  • Where one parent meets the income criteria and the other is unable to work due to disability, caring responsibilities or been assessed as having limited capability to work.


For further information;


Any queries you can contact childcare choices directly on 03001234097.