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Our curriculum is taught through planned weekly lessons, assemblies and Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds Thursday. We split these pillars into themes which allow for a spiral approach which ensures declarative and procedural knowledge can be visited, recapped and built upon to deepen understanding and challenge our learners. Sex Education (SRE), is also embedded through our science curriculum and is discussed in lesson using the ‘Yasmin and Tom’ programme. The curriculum is organised using ‘Discovery Education’ and the ‘PSHE Association’ schemes, this enables our lessons to be designed for the needs of our children. Employing cross-curricular links motivates pupils and supports them to make connections and know more and remember more. RSHE within EYFS supports all areas of learning, eg beginning to make relationships with others, learning about themselves through the topic ‘Amazing Me’ and learning about where they live in the world, ‘Our Place in Our World’. Children develop their understanding and skills through discussion and debate. We will endeavour to create a supportive environment to make these effective and will establish ‘ground rules’ at the beginning of every lesson which will enable everybody to discuss openly and honestly without fear and embarrassment or judgement. Additionally, we will cover themes of anti-bullying and inclusion through teacher-led lessons. This gives children the opportunity to have open conversations about feeling included and how to put strategies into practise. Our sequences of lessons aim to teach new concepts by first unpacking complex terms and ideas, exploring these ideas, then repacking this new understanding into the original concept. This approach helps pupils develop a secure understanding of complex concepts.  Our lessons begin with focus on addressing misconceptions, identified through formative assessment, recapping and focused vocabulary work (‘Wonderful Words’ curriculum driver) as this helps with the demands on working memory. Children are able to celebrate their success through effective relationships and a respectful outlook to the wider world. 

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