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Welcome back to Spring Term 2. Last day of term is Thursday 28th March for the Easter holidays and back to school on Monday 15th April.

Giraffes - Y3

Welcome to Giraffes.


We are the Great Giraffes!

This year we are going to be learning lots of new and interesting things, if you want to find out about some of them keep reading below and look on our Seesaw page for updates too.

Our Great Giraffes are safe and kind, follow the Golden Rules and work really hard.



Mr Matthews is our class Teacher.

Mrs Watson is our Teaching Assistant.
Mrs Allam is our Learning Support Assistant.




Here are a few notices you will need for your child in Giraffes.

The main door to Giraffes opens at 8:40am. The school day begins at 8:50am and finishes at 3:20 pm.

Please send your child to school in their (weather appropriate) outdoor P.E kit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Earrings will need to be covered or removed for these lessons.

Please read with your child 3 times or more each week and sign their Reading Record, they will be rewarded Star Stamps for this.

Homework will be set each Friday on Seesaw, please ensure this is sent back before 9am the following Friday.

Spellings will be given on EdShed and in your child's Reading Record ready for the spelling quiz held each Friday.

School water bottles should be in school each day - please fill these at home.

Keep your eyes peeled on Giraffes' class window for updates and further notices.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and talk to the adults who work in the class.

Spring Term 2024


During the first half of the Spring Term we shall be reading Stone Age Boy and using this story to write a narrative set in the Stone Age. The Silence Seeker story will be read to help us rewrite a narrative in the third person with dialogue to complete the term.





Throughout the year, we will be reading a variety of different texts to help us foster a love of reading.

We will be reading a class book as well as having reading lessons. When reading texts such as a non-chronological report based on the Arabian Peninsula and a playscript of Hansel and Gretel, we will be looking at the skills of understanding comprehension, fluency and reading for purpose. We will read non-chronological reports and persuasive leaflets.




The class stories we have read so far are  "Dave Pigeon books 1 and 2' by Swapna Haddow and 'The Christmas Pig' by J.K Rowling.


Giraffes will be learning all about the following spelling rules:
Words with the digraph ‘ai’ and tetragraph ‘aigh’; Words with the digraph ‘ei’ and tetragraph ‘eigh’; Words where the digraph ‘ey’ makes an /ai/ sound; Words with the suffix ‘–ly’; Words that are homophones; Challenge words; Words ending in ‘al’; Words ending in ‘le’; Words ending in ‘-ly’ where the base word ends in ‘le’; Words ending in ‘-ly’ where the base word ends in ‘-ic’ and Words ending in ‘-ly’ exceptions.

To help us with these spelling rules, some of us will also be taking part in a phonics intervention to help boost our confidence when spelling words.

A spelling quiz will take place weekly on the words we have learnt. 


Maths lessons during the Spring Term in Year 3 will help us to build upon our Mathematical skills. We will be learning about Multiplication and Division, looking at strategies to help us remember our times tables and solve multiplication and division problems. We will be measuring the length and perimeter of objects using standard units.

In the second half of the Spring term we will be consolidating our understanding of fractions and introducing new fractions within our mathematical learning. To finish off the Spring term, we will learn about measurement and capacity.




Science will see use exploring Forces, Friction and Magnets. We will investigate what makes an object move, how well they can slide on a variety of surfaces and which materials are magnetic.

During Rocks, Soils and Fossils we will understand what rocks are used for, how soils are different and who Mary Anning was and how she became a palaeontologist.





Our History lessons will look at how life in Britain changed during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will be learning about what life was like during these times, what changes happened and what the people ate at these times. During our lessons, we shall be looking at the Beaker people, discussing how the tools people used changed through the ages and looking at housing including round houses.


Excitingly, we will be visiting an place of local historical significance called Cresswell Craggs as part of our History learning this term!




Caring and Responsibility, Equality and Inclusion, E-safety, Families and Committed Relationships and Equality and Inclusion are the areas we will be exploring in RSHE lessons this term. We will complete work on the UN Rights and Responsibilities of families and children. We will explore what makes a family and who different members of a community may be, discussing diversity and inclusion.


Geography in the Spring Term we see us looking at the different types of land use, the important features of a settlement and how we can record the facilities available in our local area.



Famous Buildings will be our focus in art lessons this half term. We will be examining architectural styles of buildings including St Basil’s Cathedral and Sydney Opera House. We shall explore the design features of famous buildings and we will be designing and making our own building for a particular purpose.



During Computing in Year 3 Spring Term, we will be making databases, collecting data and planning the structure of a branching database. We will be identifying, recognising and exploring how digital devices can be connected during Computer Systems and Computer Networks lessons in the second half-term.

E-safety will also be a priority during computing and we will identify the ways we can keep safe on the internet.





Religious Beliefs and Questions will be explored during our RE lessons. 

Our Religious Education lessons will explore Religion, Family and Community Prayer. We shall be looking at how religious families and communities practice their faith. We will learn to understand differences and similarities within a variety of religions and will discuss our thoughts and feelings around religion in sensitive manner.



Music lessons will see us discussing what we like or dislike when listening to a variety of music genres. We will be using instruments such as recorders and glockenspiels to create music and build up to performing a piece of music we have learnt.


We are very lucky to have a wide variety of sports coaches who deliver exciting and interesting P.E lessons. This term Giraffes will be developing our skills and knowledge in  Invasion Games, Athletics and Net and Wall games.


Year 3 will be building upon the knowledge they have gained so far this year in French. We will be learning the French phonemes to help us pronounce words in French and will be exploring French speaking nations.

Later in the term, we will be learning the names of animals.


In Design and Technology this term we will be learning about mechanical systems.

School Awards