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Last day of term is Friday 26th July and back to school is Wednesday 4th September.


At Crescent Primary School, we are Masters of science! The intent of our science curriculum is to enable the children to have substantive knowledge to learn about the products of science such as concepts, laws, theories and models. They will also be taught disciplinary knowledge - how scientific knowledge is gained through scientific enquiry. All stakeholders recognise that science plays an ever-increasing pivotal role in our children’s lives: we know that all our children are surround by science in their daily lives. Children learn how science is used and its significance to society and their own lives. They will appreciate the contribution that science has made in the past. Children will also discover the continuing importance of science in trying to solve global challenges. We encourage and promote this through the ‘Creating Connections’ curriculum driver, recognising that education is a key factor in developing children cultural capital. This is achieved by making links to the real world and how this relates to subjects within STEAM.  

More importantly, our broad and balanced curriculum, supplemented by enrichment and varied extra-curricular activities, provide our children with all the tools to ‘Dream Big’ developing their cultural capital and carefully building their knowledge and skills. Our school community has high percentages of both disadvantaged and SEND children with a rapidly growing number of EAL children: Leaders ensure that inclusivity and accessibility are prioritised. Through our ‘Crescent Values’ curriculum driver, we seek to inspire our children to create links between their subject knowledge -to aspects of the real world through aspirations into their lifelong learning and future careers. 

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