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Welcome back - Monday 15th April, 2024. Keep an eye on the calendar for this terms events & activities :)

End of Key Stage 1

Our end of Key Stage 1 Wizards of Writing, develop a positive attitude and stamina for writing by writing for different purposes: simple, coherent narratives (real and fictional) and poetry. They write a sequence of connected events using co-ordination (and, or, but) and some use of co-ordination (when, if, that, because) to join clauses. To add description, our children use expanded noun phrases to add detail e.g. bright sun in the sky and create cohesion through the use of pronouns, conjunctions and some adverbs. Our Writers will identify and write statements, questions, exclamation and commands appropriately and they use a variety of punctuation with accuracy. They will demarcate most sentences in writing with capital letters and full stops and use question marks when required. Children will begin to use exclamation marks for effect; commas to separate items in a list and apostrophes for simple contracted forms. The use of past and present tenses will be used mostly correctly and consistently throughout writing. By the end of Year 2, children will begin to make simple additions, revisions and corrections to their writing by proof-reading their writing and evaluating this to check for meaning. Our children will use their learning from our ‘Supersonic Phonics Friends’ programme to help them segment spoken words into phonemes and represent these by graphemes, spell many common exception words correctly and make phonically-plausible attempts at others. Some children will develop their accurate use of suffixes to correctly spell words such as: -ing,-ed,-er,-est, -y where change is needed to the root word; linger words formed by the addition of suffixes -ment, -ness, -ful, -less, -ly ; add -es to nouns and verbs ending in -y. Children will develop their handwriting by forming capital letters and digits of the correct size, orientation and relationship to one another and to lower-case letters. They will use spacing between words that reflects the size of the letters. 

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