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Last day of term is Friday 26th July and back to school is Wednesday 4th September.


At Crescent Primary School, we are historians! The intent of our history curriculum is to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain and to foster an interest in the past. Through our ‘Our Place In Our World’ curriculum driver, we will support pupils to make sense of their own experiences and identity within their local community, Britain and the world. Our children will develop their understanding of cultural heritage as they learn about historical places, societies and cultures when reflecting on the contribution and importance of different groups of people. In addition, we recognise the importance of our ‘Creating Connections’ curriculum driver, as we aim to build connections with past events. We want our children to know and discuss significant events in World history and to appreciate how things have changed over time. Furthermore, we will facilitate the children in developing their chronological knowledge as they develop understanding of a range of periods in time. Substantive and disciplinary learning will be integrated as the children will have opportunities to ‘think like a historian’ by questioning and investigating as well as learning key historical facts. Quality historical text and sources will support our historical learning. Our broad and balanced curriculum will provide our children with all the tools to ‘Dream Big’ developing their cultural capital in addition to further developing their knowledge and understanding of the past. The history curriculum will enable the children to develop an understanding that enables them to enjoy all that history has to offer.  

Our school community has high percentages of both disadvantaged and SEND children with a rapidly growing number of EAL children: Leaders ensure that inclusivity and accessibility are prioritised.  

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