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Last day of term is Friday 26th July and back to school is Wednesday 4th September.


Advice on school attendance published by the DfE in 2012 and revised in March 2013, highlights that regular attendance at school is central to raising standards and ensuring that young people reach their full potential.  The evidence shows that children with poor attendance are less likely to succeed academically and that they are more likely not to  be in education, employment or training when they leave school.  Sustained patterns of non-attendance over a period of time can also impact on an individual's self-esteem, emotional health and opportunities for social interaction with peers.


Crescent Primary School seeks to ensure that all its pupils receive a full-time education which maximises opportunities for each pupil to realise their full potential. In promoting a positive attitude and punctuality amongst children and their families, the school will ensure an appropriate and uninterrupted education for all pupils, so that the highest standards of attainment can be reached. This can be achieved through the Head Teacher, staff, governors, the education welfare service and children and their families working together. The overall attendance target for our school is 96%.


We continually strive to improve this by keeping the importance of attendance a high priority in school.  This is done by daily monitoring of absence, holding 1:1 meetings with parents and the HeadTeacher, Attendance panels, targetted support referrals and many rewards & incentives for improvements.
Punctuality is a focus of improvement for a minority of families of which our Family Support worker is continuing to offer support & strategies to help improve this. 

Rewards such as certificates & prizes are given out weekly, termly and annually.

For any queries regarding attendance, please speak to Mrs Blake in the school office 01623 468558..

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