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Reception Nativity Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th December at 2pm


Mrs Hamilton is our Computing Lead supported by Mrs Brewer. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our computing curriculum please contact Mrs Hamilton


What is computing?


Computing is the study of computers which includes information technology (how IT is used), digital literacy (how IT is used safely and effectively) and computer science (how computers work).

Computing is the process using computer technology to complete a given goal-oriented task. Computing may encompass the design and development of software and hardware systems for a broad range of purposes – often structuring, processing and managing any kind of information – to aid in the pursuit of scientific studies, making intelligent systems, and creating and using different media for entertainment and communication.

Why do we teach computing?


We are all part of an ever-increasing digital world: from employment, to entertainment and the fulfillment of our day-to-day needs. Studying computing allows children to access, make sense of and contribute positively and safely to our technologically diverse world. Early, controlled use of technology improves language skills and promotes social development and creativity. Computing understanding allows children to be better equipped when accessing maths, science and engineering.

Our children are the future workforce following the ‘Forth Industrial Revolution’. Giving them a solid grounding in computing at primary school will give them greater access to enhance our wonderful world.

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