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End of Key Stage 2

Our end of Upper Key Stage 2 artists will become proficient in traditional Chinese art looking at the art of dragons, calligraphy, Terracotta Army, porcelain of the Ming dynasty and the importance of brushstrokes. Children will learn about the self-portraits of Frida Kahlo and the surrealism movement drawing on her cultural background and expressing emotion through work. Children will be exploring how clothing and fashion can be used to express ourselves. They will focus on the artwork of Chuck Close and how colour, line and fonts can express ideas as well as using model wires to represent body language. Children will be working on abstract landscape artwork using watercolour techniques and collage. They will understand atmospheric perspective and use it in their own artwork. Children will explore historical vase designs and designers to develop the control of tool and techniques to create their own clay vase. Children will be exploring the graffiti art form as a way of expressing ideas through a satirical work of art for public spaces. They will develop techniques through sketching and the use of stencils to create their own street art and stylised graffiti lettering. They will focus their understanding of graffiti around the work of Banksy and develop the skills to evaluate their own artwork against their own criteria.    

School Awards