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Last day of term is Friday 26th July and back to school is Wednesday 4th September.

Spring Term



Our topic this term is:


Explorers of the World.

Who was the greatest?






We will be reading the book ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward and will be writing a story with an adventure focus. During this writing unit we will focus on writing different types of sentences, using past tense and using the subordinate conjunctions because and when. We will be creating and describing characters and settings and will be sequencing events with beginning, middle and end.



Our second writing unit is ‘My Name is Not Refugee’ by Kate Milner. At the end of this unit we will be writing a recount of events from a character’s point of view. In this writing, we will be learning to use present and past tense, use apostrophes for singular possession and will use adverbs to order events. We will use our own views in our writing and will finish our work with a personal comment.






In Maths we will carry on learning about addition and subtraction. We will then look at money. The main focus this term is on multiplication and division. We will be introducing the x symbol and learning the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We will also learn to divide by 2, 5 and 10. During maths lessons we will understand the importance of making equal groups by adding and sharing. We will then be exploring measure. We will start by using non-standard units to measure and then develop the understanding of using a ruler and measure sticks to accurately measure the length and height of different objects. We will then combine our prior knowledge of comparing and ordering with our new-found knowledge of measures. 






In our reading lessons we are going to be practising our comprehension skills by answering questions on fiction and non-fiction texts. 




In Science we are becoming apprentice gardeners. We will build on our knowledge of plants and how they grow. We will learn how to grow plants from bulbs and from seeds, learning the sequence of germination, and comparing and contrasting the requirements of germinating seeds with those of mature plants to maintain healthy growth. We will then explore how we look after ourselves what we eat and how to stay clean and healthy. We will also look how we change as we grow. 




In History we will be learning about the different explorers and why they are important. We will look at Charles Darwin, Neil Armstrong, Ibn Battuta, Roald Amundsen, Sylvia Earle and Edmund Hillary. We will find out more about their lives and the reasons why they became explorers.



In our geography lessons will learn about the differences between weather and climate. We will learn about basic climate zones and the conditions in cold, hot and temperate climate zones. We will learn about weather forecasts and the symbols used to display weather conditions. We will also learn about various weather instruments before collecting and recording weather data from the school grounds. After we have collected the data we will analyse and evaluate the fieldwork we have carried out.






We are going to be exploring the Jewish faith. Retelling the Jewish story of God's creation and the celebration of Shabbat and the importance of it as a way of belonging. We will learn about some ways a Rabbi teaches the community about God. We will also learn about belonging in a family, to a school and in the community and we will explore ways of belonging in Christianity. 




This term in art we will explore ways of painting on rocks and will make sculptures with sticks and twigs.

We will also make animal pictures with leaves, we will learn how to weave with natural materials and we will explore ways of making mandalas

Following the theme of Earth Art we will make a collage using natural materials




Design and Technology


In DT we are going to be looking at structures, We will explore stability and methods to strengthen structures, to understand Baby Bear’s chair weaknesses and develop an improved solution for him to use.




In RSHE lessons we will focus on caring and responsibility along with families and committed relationships. We will also look at equality and inclusion, how we are the same as and different from others. Anti-bullying and how to behave online and face to face will also be a focus.





Our Music lessons are based around a song that we learn. During this time, we use our voices expressively and creatively by singing and accompany this by playing tuned instruments. We will be listening with concentration and understanding a range of high-quality live and recorded music and experiment with, create, select and combine sounds.






In computers the first half of the term we are learning about data and information. We will use tally charts to help us make pictograms to present data. We will collect our own data from around school and choose the best type of pictogram to present the data. The second half of the term we will learn about computer systems and networks. We will learn how information technology is used in school and beyond.


School Awards