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End of Key Stage 2

End of Key Stage 2 Historian

Our year 6 historians leave Crescent with a developed understanding of chronology. They can use dates and terms accurately when describing events and people. Furthermore, our eldest historians can describe the main changes in a period of history using the terms social, religious, political, technological and cultural. When our historians leave Crescent, they can explain why evidence is reliable and use sources of information to form testable hypotheses about the past. Our year 6 children know that no single source of evidence gives the full answer to questions about the past and prefer to analyse a wide range of evidence to justify claims using historical vocabulary refining lines of enquiry as appropriate. By the end of the primary school journey, our historians are able to identify periods of rapid change in contrast with times or relatively little change.  Their prior learning allows them to compare similarities and differences over time and how this has shaped current day practices. Finally, our leavers can describe the characteristic features of the past including ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children.

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