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Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 1 Mrs R Spray - Head Teacher
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 2 Mrs L Smith - SENCO / FS Teacher
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 3 Mrs K Baker - Foundation Stage Leader/Teacher
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 4 Mr P Matthews - UKS2 Leader/Teacher
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 5 Miss L Speelman - UKS2 Leader / KS1 Teacher
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 6 Miss E McBride - LKS2 Leader/Teacher
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 7 Mrs A Brown - School Business Manager
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 8 Mrs S Senior - Senior Teaching Assistant


Staff 1 Mr S Wright - Site Manager
Staff 2 Miss L Edwards - Pupil & Family Support Worker
Staff 3 Miss S-A Smith - FS Teacher
Staff 4 Mrs J Jones - Assistant TA/Unqual Teacher
Staff 5 Mrs K Cheetham - TA / Unqua Teacher
Staff 6 Miss R Beighton - Supply KS1 Teacher
Staff 7 Mrs K Campbell-Short - KS1 Teacher
Staff 8 Mrs C Harrison - KS1 Teacher
Staff 9 Mrs Y Cooper - LKS2 Teacher /PE Leader
Staff 10 Mrs A Murfitt - LKS2 Teacher
Staff 11 Mrs A McArdle - LKS2 Teacher
Staff 12 Mrs N Shaw - UKS2 Teacher
Staff 13 Mrs R Gear - UKS2 Teacher
Staff 14 Mrs S Hamilton - UKS2 Teacher
Staff 15 Miss K Burton - Teaching Assistant
Staff 16 Mrs C Wilson - Teaching Assistant
Staff 17 Mrs D Maskery - Teaching Assistant
Staff 18 Miss J Richards - Teaching Assistant
Staff 19 Mrs L Allwood - Teaching Assistant
Staff 20 Miss S Allwood - Teaching Assistant
Staff 21 Mrs S Revill - Supply Teaching Assistant
Staff 22 Mrs S Martin - Teaching Assistant/ Bfst Club
Staff 23 Mrs M Hawkins - Assistant Senior TA
Staff 24 Miss N Fox - Teaching Assistant
Staff 25 Miss S Hrycaj - Teaching Assistant
Staff 26 Mrs J Hollywood - Teaching Assistant
Staff 27 Mrs R Brewer - Teaching Assistant
Staff 28 Ms K Buckley - Teaching Assistant
Staff 29 Mrs L Metcalfe - Teaching Assistant
Staff 30 Mr K Dobb - Teaching Assistant
Staff 31 Mrs J Mellor - General Support Assistant
Staff 32 Mrs K Blake - Administrative Assistant
Staff 33 Mrs L Harris - Administrative Assistant
Staff 34 Miss S Nijjar - Business Adminstrative Assistant



Ms M Johnson

Miss S Colley

Miss K Ainsworth


School Chef (LA employed)

Mrs K Wright


Kitchen Assistants (LA employed)

Mrs D Bettles/Mrs S Hanrahan/Mrs J Revill/Ms A Walsh/Ms A Brown



Mrs D Tucker


             Midday Supervisors

Mrs B Needham          Mrs D Jones 

Miss M Johnson           Ms T Bentley

Mrs C Walker               Ms L Stevens

Miss D Fisher              Mrs S Waters

Miss J Cox                  Mrs A Wilkes   

Miss L Nelson 



Mrs Rachel Spray