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We encourage our children to enjoy and value their design and technology lessons, as they incorporate both academic and practical aspects. Asking the WHY behind their learning and not just the HOW, encourages the children to understand the function aspects and practicality of the various products that they will design, make and evaluate. We want learners to reflect upon and develop their learning throughout the key stages whilst making links to their learning in maths, science and ICT as ‘Creating Connections’ is one of our curriculum drivers. Though making these links, the children can see the purpose of why we learn maths science and ICT and how/why these subjects are adaptable and relative to aspects in their everyday lives and the world around them. We feel that children’s exposure to Design and Technology can broaden their educational outlook; creating aspirations for their future; in relation to their desired educational pathway and career. The way pupils showcase, share and celebrate their work will best show the impact of our curriculum, whilst developing their ability to problem solve and work both independently and collaboratively to achieve this.  

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