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The teaching of history at Crescent Primary will focus on the children developing their disciplinary knowledge and their substantive knowledge of important historical content.  This content will be revisited frequently as we want our learners to make strong learning links within and across different time periods. Lesson sequences will build upon the children’s prior knowledge and substantive learning will be explicit as our children build their knowledge of the past. Our ‘Wonderful Words’ curriculum driver will be evident in the implementation of history as lessons will incorporate the children learning and using a range of historical vocabulary. Teaching will be supported with quality resources and experiences, such as visiting sites of historical significance alongside encouraging visitors to come into the school and talk about their experiences of events in the past. This is an important aspect as we recognise the significance of our ‘Dream Big’ curriculum driver in developing the children’s culture capital. By embedding disciplinary and substantive learning, children will be able to formulate their own historical arguments and they will be given the opportunity to apply this knowledge when answering the enquiry focus of their learning.  

As with all teaching and learning at Crescent Primary, history lessons will take into consideration the needs of all pupils including the SEND children and EAL children.  

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