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Welcome back to Spring Term 2. Last day of term is Thursday 28th March for the Easter holidays and back to school on Monday 15th April.


Science is taught weekly at Crescent Primary and pupils learn that science is a body of established knowledge but it is also a discipline of enquiry. We plan for the children to acquire substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge. We teach the underpinning knowledge and give the children opportunities to use scientific methods, techniques and analysis skills and use what they have learned to develop explanations. 

Crescent Primary uses Collins Connect Snap Science to help them to plan and deliver quality science. They will adjust the planning to support the needs of the children. Flexibility is needed to enable teachers to respond to cross curricular links and plan to suit their children’s interests, current events, the use of any support staff and the resources that are available reflecting our Creating Connections driver. Our year six children take part in DAaRT - drug, alcohol and resilience education, which is run by an outside provider. This links to our science curriculum and our curriculum driver Healthy bodies healthy minds and prepares pupils for life in a challenging world. 

Science is incorporated in the ‘The World’ area of learning of the EYFS curriculum. At Crescent Primary school, it is taught as part of a thematic approach and the children have access to first hand experiences through continuous provision both indoors and outdoors. In Nursery children are taught skills for early enquiry and reception children continue to develop these skills and are encouraged to select and use resources and materials independently in order to achieve the Early Learning Goal for The World. Each week children take part in Nature Detectives and explore the world around them and note changes in the natural world.. Our place in the world curriculum driver 

Our curriculum is organised to connect to the other subjects that the children are learning wherever possible and the knowledge builds on what has been taught before. Teachers will look at the planning for each module and note the possible misconceptions and will address these. Lessons is designed to explore, value and build on children’s prior knowledge so that any misconceptions can be addressed. 

 Scientific vocabulary is taught and displayed and the children will be given opportunities to discuss these words to ensure they have a good understanding of them.  (Wonderful words curriculum driver) Practical activities are used to enable the children to connect theory to what they have. The lessons are split into three sections. The Explore section begins the lesson. It sparks curiosity, enables children to share their previous understanding and generate questions to investigate observed. The Enquire section is where children will answer these questions. The Reflect and review section provides the opportunity for children to consolidate the key learning, build on children’s prior knowledge and address any misconceptions so that secure understanding is developed

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