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Last day of term is Friday 26th July and back to school is Wednesday 4th September.


We believe that the impact of our coherent geography curriculum is that children develop a lifelong love of geography, teachers have high expectations and quality evidence is presented in books and on our digital platform, Seesaw. All children will use geographical vocabulary accurately and understand the different strands of geography, with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Children will begin to make relevant links from geography to other curriculum subjects, such as history and science. They will improve their enquiry skills and inquisitiveness about the world around them, and their impact on the world. All children will realise that they have choices to make in the world, reinforcing our ‘Crescent Values’ by developing a positive commitment to the environment and the future of the planet. Children will become competent in collecting, analysing and communicating a range of data gathered. They will be able to interpret a range of sources of geographical information and they will communicate geographical information in a variety of ways. All children at Crescent will be able to use ‘Wonderful Words’ to speak confidently about their geography learning, skills and knowledge. 

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