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Autumn Term

We are so excited to be working together in Year 5 and are looking forward to a busy but brilliant Autumn Term. Our topic based question for the Autumn Term is:

Invaders and Settlers – How did they change Britain?



Our first unit focuses on diary writing. We will be inspired by the book ‘Race to the Frozen North’ by Catherine Johnson. We will use paragraphing to organise our writing and use commas after fronted adverbials. We will work on many skills including engaging the reader through use of description and opinion and the use of rhetorical questions to add interest and intrigue.


Our second unit is all about adventure. We will use the fiction text ‘Beowolf’ by Michael Morpurgo to lead our writing. We will use expanded noun phrases to include description and use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech. We will have great fun creating the struggle between good and evil and consider the use of characters within the adventure.




Spellings will be tested every Friday and will be accessed from the website Spelling Shed. In addition, all spellings will be sent home via a paper copy and Seesaw too.





We love maths in year 5. Our lessons will be a mixture of practical, investigative and written. We will begin with place value before moving onto addition and subtraction. The next unit is based on multiplication and division and lastly we will work on fractions.

Throughout all our learning we will also include arithmetic based lessons – improving our accuracy and understanding of the four number operations.





Our first science unit is all about The Earth and Beyond. We will have a great time finding out about what is in space, why we have seasons and why the moon changes shape plus much more.

Our second unit is Get sorted / Everyday Materials. We will find out about metals, plastics and materials found in our school. Included in this, will be some investigations and experiments.





During the first half term we will work on Programming. This will include writing programs that include count controlled loops and designing and creating a program of our own. This will be followed by a Creating Media focus with the learning based on web page creation. We will review existing websites before designing and creating our own.




Art and Design Technology

Chinese Art is the focus of our art project this term. We will explore themes, styles and colours of traditional art and the use of dragons. We will move onto replicating Chinese calligraphy and will learn about the Terracotta Army.

Mechanisms and mechanical toys are the focus in design and technology. We will research mechanisms before designing our very own prototypes. We will evaluate our designs before making the final versions.




Religious Education

In RE we are very lucky to follow the Bible Explorers project. We will learn about Christianity through stories in the Bible.





Invaders and Settlers – How did they change Britain? Our learning will be based around what key events led to England being unprotected in the 5th century, how was Anglo Saxon England ruled after the settlement of the Angles, Jutes and Saxons? We will also investigate how Anglo Saxon life changed after the arrival of the Vikings. Linked with this we will learn about the role of the Scots during this time period.





Pumas’ PE will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday’s sessions will be with Express coaching indoors and Wednesday’s sessions will be outdoors on the MUGA with Mr Saleh.

**Children must come to school in their PE kit on these days. PLEASE ensure your child is wearing the correct PE uniform as outlined in newsletters.





In RSHE we will focus on healthy and happy friendships. We will share opinions and have time to consider the term ‘identity’, we will think about peer pressure and how this could affect friendship choices and very importantly year 5 will discuss emotional health and well being.

‘Embrace our diversity’ will be the focus of our learning during this term and as always we are committed to ensuring year 5 are safe online through our #bekind – E-Safety lessons.





Our music lessons follow the Charanga scheme and our focus will be on melody and harmony in music followed by Sing and play in different styles. We will at music from around the world.





‘The Planets’ is our first unit in French. We will learn the names of the eight planets, describe the appearance of the planets, focus on the ‘u’ sound and much more! This will be followed by ‘Healthy Eating.’ We will learn toppings, fillings and flavours and categorise healthy and unhealthy food items. We will end with a project – whereby we will create a meal and label each part.





Weekly homework and spellings will always be on Seesaw.

Please can you encourage your child to practise their spellings, complete their homework and read at least 3 times a week in line with our home/school agreement.

School Awards